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Fire Pit or Fireplace for your Boston Hardscape?

A tall, traditional fireplace can be an excellent focal point for any Boston, MA, patio. Fire pits are compact alternatives that lie closer to the ground and can emulate tables or have a campfire-like effect. While they may be less prominent, they can bear striking veneers that allow them to occupy the spotlight. Both fire features have their own niches and can contribute unique elements to your patio design, as well as add warmth and ambience to your evenings outdoors.

Fireplaces for vertical dimension

Vertical elements within your hardscape help to create variation and interest, avoiding the monotonous appearance of a flat expanse of stone. Fireplaces can offer considerable height and can be constructed in tiers for further dimension. Low walls emerging from either side of the fireplace act as a great finishing touch and serve to visually connect the fireplace to other hardscaping elements surrounding it. Other vertical elements you can incorporate into your landscape include low pillars and wooden pergolas. Low pillars can be the perfect element with which to end off a section of retaining wall, while planters, lighting fixtures and other items can also be placed on their flat surfaces.

Geometric fire pits for contemporary style

Many fire pits showcase a classic circular design, that has a casual, campside appeal. Modern hardscapes, however, have been known to incorporate rectangular and square fire pits into their designs instead. The clean cut edges of these fire features serves to complement other sleek structures within the hardscape and add an element of indoor luxury to the space. Unilock Lineo Dimensional Stone has a smooth surface and crisp edges that are perfect for contemporary fire pits. This material can be sourced in chic neutral colors that are also incredibly versatile and complement virtually any patio design.

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Decorating your fireplace

When fireplaces are built in tiers, they bear large, flat surfaces on either side of the main structure. Consider filling these empty spaces with ornate planters holding vibrant flowers for a touch of color. Natural elements like these are especially compatible with a rustic or cottage styled fireplace. Unilock Rivercrest Wall is an excellent material to achieve these styles and offers the perfect alternative to stacked flagstone, with added durability and at a fraction of the price. Candles can be placed upon these surfaces for added ambience, while jewel-toned candles serve to add a bohemian touch to the design.

Making your fire pit a conversation hot-spot

A circular fire pit serves as the perfect center for a circle of comfortable outdoor chairs. The design allows guests to engage with one another effortlessly and have a clear view of one another at all times. Some fire pits are surrounded by a half-circle of chairs and a curved low wall on the other side. While this low wall defines the borders of that particular outdoor room, it can also be used as a casual seating alternative. Consider having vibrant cushions at hand to make the wall more comfortable and add a touch of color to the space. You should also ensure that you invest in a smooth, comfortable coping such as Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose.

The title image features a fire pit built from Estate Wall blocks and coping, complemented by a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with a Copthorne border.

Fire Pit or Fireplace for your Boston MA Hardscape

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