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Environmentally Friendly Pavers Available in Pottstown, PA

Environmentally Friendly Pavers Available in Pottstown, PA

Many homeowners are choosing “greener” materials for their driveways and outdoor living spaces. No matter the scope of your backyard or driveway makeover, choosing the right pavers will add value, aesthetic appeal, and useability to your home. Here are several environmentally friendly pavers available in Pottstown, PA to fire up your creativity.


What are environmentally friendly pavers?

Environmentally friendly pavers accomplish several important tasks: first, they allow water to permeate the pavers and seep into the ground below. Second, because of this “breathability,” these pavers remain cooler to the touch and do not create a “heat island effect” that makes the paved areas of your landscape significantly hotter than the natural areas.

Water permeates the spaces between the pavers; the spaces are filled with coarse gravel that allows water to quickly soak through instead of remaining on the surface.


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Why is permeability important?

Storm runoff is a real problem that many homeowners aren’t aware of. When a heavy rainstorm hits, the water that would normally soak into the ground can be prevented from doing so. Asphalt or poured concrete driveways and poured concrete patios don’t allow water to seep through, meaning it has to go somewhere. Usually, if the solid surface is correctly graded, the runoff will go into the sewer system or a low-lying area of the property. Either way, this is not ideal. Any oils or chemicals on the driveway are carried along with the water; these pollutants either pool in the lower areas of your yard, or end up in rivers or lakes, which is where municipal storm drains empty out.

Permeable pavers reduce the amount of water that flows into the storm drains. As the water percolates through the pavers and then through the underlying aggregate, it gets filtered and enters the ground as clean water.

The good news is that Unilock makes several types of permeable pavers that are suitable for driveway, patio, and walkway use.



The patented L-shaped locking design of these pavers is exceptionally durable, making Eco-Optiloc pavers suitable for commercial vehicular applications, and its larger gaps are perfect for driveways in areas that receive a lot of rainfall.


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A larger-format brick-shaped paver, Eco-Priora is robust enough for commercial use, and comes in a variety of colors to suit any home’s architectural style.



With its casual and random flagstone appearance, Thornbury pavers come in multiple shapes that let you create a completely custom and on-trend appearance.


Town Hall

For a historical, time-worn look, Town Hall pavers offer the look and feel of old brick courtyards. Town Hall pavers offer substantial dimensions that work particularly well in larger spaces.


Tribeca Cobble

Featuring the look of granite cobblestones that have been used to pave the streets of North America’s oldest cities, Tribeca Cobble pavers give your home a stately look while reducing stormwater runoff.

While most of these pavers are typically chosen for driveways, they can be used on patios and walkways. Unilock permeable pavers are beautiful, durable, non-slip, and will beautify your home for many decades.


The title image features an Eco-Priora driveway.


Environmentally Friendly Pavers Available in Pottstown, PA

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