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Elegant Paving Stones for Your Home in the Rock Hill, SC Area

Elegant Paving Stones for Your Home in the Rock Hill, SC Area

If you want an outdoor space with character, timeless appeal, elegance, and durability, opt for paving stones: the perfect backdrop for your next party! Here are some ideas for using pavers for the hardscape of your home in the Rock Hill, SC area.

Choose your application

The most important consideration when choosing pavers is how you’re going to use them. Some pavers are suitable for multi-purpose applications including patios, driveways, walkways, but others are more specialized. Choose paving stones that fit their intended use. This is especially important for driveways where pavers are subjected to stress, and specialized applications, such as permeable pavers for environmentally sensitive areas or stain-resistant pavers for outdoor cooking areas.

Choose your style

Consider matching your paving stones to the architectural style of your home. For the sake of simplicity, this can be broken down into modern/contemporary, old world/traditional, or rustic/cottage.


Modern homes are characterized by simple, clean lines, strong geometry and neutral colors. While you don’t need to match your home exactly, the paving stones should complement your outdoor setting as well as your home. For a contemporary setting, consider large format pavers that reduce visual clutter and offer a clean, sophisticated feel. Non-slip and stain-resistant Unilock Umbriano pavers are suitable for use on your patio, pool deck, or driveway. Unilock Senzo pavers are another great contemporary choice, with their stunning color choices and easy-to-clean surface.

Old World/Traditional

To achieve the timeworn look of old European streets and give your home the feel of a luxury estate, consider these three great choices from Unilock: Courtstone for a cobblestone appearance, Town Hall for a traditional brick style, or Brussels Block pavers, the original tumbled paver that looks right at home in a Mediterranean villa style. Create added dimension and richness by mixing and matching two or three of these paving stones. These smaller pavers are filled with character! Their deliberately weathered surface and edges will make your hardscape look as though it has been enjoyed for centuries.

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Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone and Richcliff pavers offer wonderful textures and tones that give a nod to the local landscape and materials. These pavers present a realistic flagstone appearance and gently blended color options that are ideal for creating a sense of natural elegance.

Choose your colors

Next, choose your colors. There are no hard rules for this, but in general, you’ll want to go for a unified look. You don’t have to precisely match your home’s siding, stone or brickwork, instead, choose a complementary color, or match the color of your roof.


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Choose your accents and borders

For a finished appearance, choose accents and borders that either match the field pavers in color and/or texture, or go for a bold look with contrasting color and style. Accents and borders are an opportunity to tie your home, landscape, and hardscapes together. Choose accent colors that highlight and complement existing features, such as native boulders or architectural elements of your home.

Visit a Unilock Outdoor Idea Center to see real-life examples of the pavers mentioned above. If you’re still stuck, your Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to recommend the best paving stone for your project.

The title image features a Town Hall driveway and front entrance.


Elegant Paving Stones for Your Home in the Rock Hill, SC Area


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