Driveway Paver Toronto Ontario

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Driveway Paver Toronto Ontario

Driveway Paver Toronto Ontario

Driveway Paver Products from Unilock for Homeowners in Toronto, Ontario

Driveway paver stone options from Unilock allow homeowners in Toronto, Ontario, to create driveways with both rugged durability and lasting beauty. Well suited for many landscaping applications, Unilock pavers are manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies that produce unrivaled strength, colorfastness, and stain resistance. When you choose a Unilock product for your driveway, you can feel confident that your investment will endure through temperature extremes and heavy traffic for years to come.
You might wonder why you should choose a Unilock driveway paver over traditional poured concrete. After all, due to its popularity, poured concrete might seem like a better choice, at least at first glance. But, it’s important to keep in mind that as the seasons change in Toronto, conventional concrete will start to form cracks that develop into deep fissures due to expansion, contraction, settlement, shrinkage, and weight bearing. While it is possible to repair these types of defects, matching the color and composition of the original concrete can prove to be a real challenge. As a result, a concrete driveway will gradually take on an unsightly patchwork appearance, and will eventually need to be replaced. Because a homeowner who chooses concrete will likely have to pay for several driveways over time, a driveway constructed of Unilock pavers often provides much better value.
For instance, Unilock’s driveway paver options are superior alternatives to poured concrete because they offer:

  • Crack resistance – Each driveway paver is an individual unit, and the joints between the stones allow for expansion and contraction that can resist pressure and prevent cracking.
  • Unrivaled strength – Unilock pavers are manufactured using proprietary innovations, such as Ultima™ concrete technology, which makes our paving stones up to four times as strong as poured concrete.
  • Enduring performance – Unilock protects each driveway paver with a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee.

In sum, traditional concrete can’t match the durability of Unilock driveway paver stones. Additionally, instead of the drabness of concrete, Unilock pavers offer eye-catching beauty and appeal to a home landscape. Designed to Connect™ with your own personal sense of style, our premium EnduraColor™ Plus Architectural Finishes collection features attractive styles that come in a wide variety of compatible textures, colors, shapes, and sizes.
Contact Unilock today for more information about driveway paver options for your home in Toronto, Ontario, and to arrange for a free estimate from a local Unilock Authorized Contractor.

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