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Considering a Facelift for Your Retaining Walls in Brewster, NY?

If your retaining walls are looking dated or showing the effects of age, consider giving them a facelift. Accomplishing this goal in Brewster, NY, is as easy as booking a Unilock Authorized Contractor and choosing appropriate materials for a retaining wall overhaul. In the long run, not only will this improve the aesthetic of your hardscape and overall property, you’ll also lengthen the life of the construction and the structure of your landscape. Easily complement any style or preference with the numerous materials offered by Unilock.

Brussels Dimensional System

Weathered texture, versatile coloring, and flexible shapes and sizes make Brussels Dimensional System one of many quality options for your retaining wall overhaul. The broad range of color options include Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Limestone, New York Blend, Sandstone, Sierra, and Terra Cotta, and sizes consist of a 9, 12, and 15 inch unit as well as coping and corner units. This system interlocks for greater strength while also having the flexibility to handle any curve.

Concord Wall

When the hill being tamed is of the extra steep variety, choose Concord Wall. This line interlocks for greater stability and self-corrects to form the right slope. The series comes in the shades Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra, making it a natural-inspired, durable, and versatile choice.

The title image features retaining wall plants beds built with Concord Wall units in Sierra.


Estate Wall

For a commanding option with the appearance of natural rock, look to Estate Wall. Offered in pieces of multiple lengths, Estate Wall is the ideal wall material for homeowners who seek to make a clear statement. Moreover, the colors of Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra, and Walnut provide the needed flexibility for landscape design professionals seeking to assist homeowners with customization goals.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone

If contemporary style is the intent, Lineo Dimensional Stone works well to update your aging wall structure. The linear inspired nature of the series along with its smooth texture makes it a clearly modern choice. In addition, the colors of Almond Grove, Limestone, and Sierra provide an optimal match for all possible homes and landscapes.

Rivercrest Wall

The special charm of stacked flagstone walls shines through with Rivercrest Wall units from Unilock. In Coastal Slate or Buff, this series will complement all sorts of design choices from cottage living to featured hardscapes in traditional or modern landscapes. Realistic texture and seemingly randomly placed stones make this choice an aesthetically and functionally prime landscape element.


Going further with your options for a retaining wall makeover, look to RomanWall by Unilock. This line has a high degree of texture that projects an aged, natural rock feel. The series has pieces of several sizes and shapes, making it ideal for all sorts of terrains. RomanWall comes in the shades of Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra for a naturalistic color and composition.


Heavy and sturdy, SienaStone comes in substantial blocks that average 450 lbs in weight. For both residential and industrial applications, this line comes in handy for those who seek a high degree of functionality. You won’t have to repair this construction in the near term, nor will you regret its appearance. Weathered texture and shade options including Granite, Natural, and Sierra, will make sure that your test-worthy construction still offers a visually pleasing finish.
Considering a Facelift for Your Retaining Walls in Brewster, NY?


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