Consider These Landscaping Stones for Building Pillars and Chimneys in Dayton, OH | Unilock

Consider These Landscaping Stones for Building Pillars and Chimneys in Dayton, OH

Consider These Landscaping Stones for Building Pillars and Chimneys in Dayton, OH


When choosing or designing a home, the exterior finishes say something about what is inside. Is this a traditional home, a modern dwelling or a cottage? The finishes, as well as the durability of the materials, also play a role in the overall appearance of the home. The beauty and character added to portions of a home with features such as pillars, chimneys and entryways can go a long way in enhancing the outward appearance of home. Since Unilock Concrete Wall Units are such extremely durable and eye-catching building materials, consider using these landscaping stones for pillars and chimneys in your Dayton, OH, construction.

Brussels Dimensional System

Brussels Dimensional System has multi-sized components to allow for curved walls and circular features. They are also ideal for square chimneys or pillars to create a unified accent with the beautiful natural appearance of worn quarried blocks. In the beautiful colors of Coffee Creek, River and Limestone, they can be mixed to complement your brick facade, siding or wood trim.

Rivercrest Wall

If you love the look of stacked stone, this is the vertical system to use for your pillars. With the character of natural stone but the strength of concrete, Rivercrest Wall landscaping stones can create the look of a naturally aged stacked stone wall. In Buff and Coastal Slate colors, the neutral tones blend well with the elements of nature. Rivercrest Wall also offers a unique Rapid Pillar System to allow for the quick and efficient construction of pillars and pergola footings. Top Rivercrest Wall off with the multi-functional Ledgestone coping for a stunning combination.


Estate Wall

A gorgeous wall unit, available in rich colors like Sierra, River, and Walnut, Estate Wall can be used anywhere that the look of weathered rock is appropriate: walls, fire features, chimneys, and pillars for lanterns and outdoor lighting. The antique textured finish of Estate Wall stone, along with the various sizes and colors in which it is available, allow you to customize your pillars and chimney and match to existing patio materials, walkways, and driveways.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone

If contemporary is your style, Lineo Dimensional Stone is for you. Sleek, clean and modern, this stone offers a uniform pattern in tones of brown and gray to accent the black, gray and silver colors that are popular in an urban home. Combined with natural wood trim, Lineo Dimensional Stone is a showstopper.


Brussels Fullnose Coping

Providing a rounded, soft finishing edge to your pillar or chimney, Brussels Fullnose can add a finished look to your hardscape areas. In a variety of colors such as dark charcoal, mocha and limestone, this finishing stone can blend with the pillar or deliver an accent color for contrast.

Whether you want the look of a traditional stone pillar or a modern chimney, the advantages of using Unilock Wall Units for your outdoor living room, driveway entrance pillars or exterior chimney are many. Unilock Wall Units resist fading in the harsh sun, ensuring that the color remains true over time. And the variety of colors, sizes and shapes ensure that your outdoor elements are unique.

The endless palette of colors, textures and designs available from Unilock give you unlimited choices for your outdoor space. With Unilock Authorized Contractors, backed by the Unilock satisfaction guarantee, you can bring your ideas to life. Visit the Outdoor Idea Center to see finished patios, pillars and chimneys, which can help you decide which colors and products will best fit your home.

The title image features Rivercrest Wall pillars and steps with Ledgestone coping.


Consider These Landscaping Stones for Building Pillars and Chimneys in Dayton, OH


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