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Why You Should Consider Concrete Products for your Rochester Hills, Fort Wayne Retaining Wall

Picking the right material for your retaining walls in Rochester Hills and Fort Wayne can be a difficult task. It’s hard to know which option to go for when there are so many possibilities available to you. Low quality products can ruin the look of your home and can quickly deteriorate, becoming cracked, damaged and faded. They also lack the character that you need to make your outdoor living space work for you. Unilock’s high quality concrete products resemble quality stone materials with the additional affordability and durability of precision cast concrete. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, there’s no need to settle for anything less.

The right design

The large choice of retaining wall options available from Unilock provides an extensive variety of design possibilities for your patio and outdoor areas. Even the dullest outdoor area can easily be transformed into a unique and rustic space using Rivercrest Wall’s natural stacked flagstone look, while Lineo Dimensional Stone in cool Limestone can complement a minimalist contemporary landscape or formal hardscape design.


With a high load bearing weight, uniform strength and imperviousness to the freeze thaw cycle, Unilock’s concrete wall blocks are not only individually more durable than natural stone, they also lock together to create a stronger, longer lasting structure without the need for mortar.

Long lasting color

The quality and variety of UV-resistant color pigments used in Unilock’s concrete products means that whatever your retaining wall design, you’ll find a suitable, long lasting color. For warm tones, try Lineo Dimensional Stone in Mahogany Ash or Sandstone. For cooler grey-blue tones there’s Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate or SienaStone in Natural. Not only is finding the right shade of stone to complement your patio a breeze, but Unilock’s EnduraColor Facemix technology ensures that your chosen concrete product is resistant to fading, providing you with long lasting enjoyment of its aesthetics. The stain resistant surface makes cleaning simple as well. As such, your patio and walls are sure to always look incredible with little maintenance and minimum effort on your part. The long lasting color and quality of the products allow for the ultimate aesthetic for your hardscaping.

Natural appeal

To achieve the visual effect of natural stones such as granite or sandstone, at a fraction of a cost and with none of the inherent weaknesses of natural stone, consider the Brussels Dimensional System. Available in a variety of color options, Brussels Dimensional Stone provides the sunny look of Sandstone, the neutral shades of Limestone, as well as the warm sepia tones of Desert Sand. The Coffee Creek option contains the warm red and cool blues undertones of natural bluestone, while the Mahogany Ash displays a rich and varied surface perfect for introducing earthy, natural color and character into your outdoor areas. The tumbled blocks of our Brussels Dimensional System ensure a rustic, timeless appearance that can create retaining walls that look as if they have stood the test of time – and they will.

The title image features tiered retaining walls constructed from Unilock’s Rivercrest Wall.

Why you should consider Concrete Products for your Rochester Hills, Fort Wayne Michigan Retaining Wall

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