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Choosing the Right Concrete Pavers for your Naturalistic Mendham, NJ, Landscape

Choosing the Right Concrete Pavers for your Naturalistic Mendham, NJ, Landscape


Spending a few hours in nature can be as soothing and revitalizing as a week away. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to find the time to seek out bodies of nature, which are becoming fewer in number. Save yourself the hour’s drive to your nearest slice of paradise and bring the serenity of nature to your own Mendham, NJ, backyard. While plenty of plants, water features and a certain randomness are vital for achieving a naturalistic landscape, it is also important to have pavers underfoot that express a natural, spontaneous style. Here are a few Unilock concrete pavers that will add to a naturalistic setting with their natural stone appearance:


Beacon Hill Flagstone

As the name states, Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers mimic the appearance of flagstone – and with impressive accuracy. Various design elements come together to give each paver a rugged appearance. Not only are their embossed surfaces convincing in their imitation of real natural stone, but they also feature soft color gradients that are ever-changing and spontaneous.



Thornbury pavers bear an effortless and timeless beauty that is comparable to that of natural stone. They are available in a range of sizes which can be combined in a seemingly random arrangement to boost their natural appearance. Thornbury pavers are compatible with permeable installation methods that create surfaces through which rainwater may pass en route to the underlying ecosystem and water table. Their permeability is beneficial to your soil and plants, which are absolutely essential accessories to any naturalistic landscape. While Thornbury pavers are ideal for creating a random appearance, their fine jointing lines make an excellent complement to modern landscapes that embrace natural beauty.



Richcliff pavers are excellent substitutes for real bluestone and offer improved strength, making it possible to incorporate the appearance of bluestone into areas where utilizing real bluestone may not be practical, such as driveways and parking areas. Manufactured using Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock, each Richcliff pavers boasts up to four times the strength of poured concrete. Their reinforced structure is suited to vehicular applications, walkways and other areas that experience frequent heavy loads.


Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley pavers can be used in place of real flagstone, and offer a refined and subtle appearance. Their surface textures are slightly more subdued that those of Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers, yet their flawless color gradients are equally convincing. These pavers are excellent candidates for naturalistic hardscapes with a touch of new-age elegance and refinement.

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Treo pavers fit all the organic features of Beacon Hill Flagstone into a smaller format that can be used for smaller areas, or to create hardscapes with more intricate jointing lines. Treo pavers also offer warmer color options such as Brown and Copper Ridge, while Beacon Hill Flagstone offers a palette slightly more focused on cooler color variations with blue undertones. Your decision between these similar, yet distinctly different, pavers will depend upon the nature of your hardscape design and its color scheme.



Westport pavers feature a stunning stone-like texture and rugged edges that are unmistakably natural in their appearance. Similarly to Treo pavers, Westport pavers are available in an EnduraColor finish as well as a Classic finish for projects with tighter budgets.

The title image features a Richcliff paver patio.
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