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Choosing Driveway Pavers that Match with Your Garage in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Choosing Driveway Pavers that Match with Your Garage in Franklin Lakes, NJ


A big detail that sets apart truly elegant home and landscape design from the ordinary is a sense of cohesive and complementing design. Sometimes this can mean matching landscaping elements to the house style, other times it’s choosing materials for your hardscapes that work with and complement your Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, home’s details. Whether you choose to match or contrast with the home’s structure, it is important to think about how the elements work together. One of the big areas to do this is the driveway, and careful consideration as to how the pavers you choose work with the garage, and by extension, the rest of the house.


Matching to wood

If your home has a rustic, natural feel, with lots of wood, consider pavers in warm, sandy colors to complement the dark wood. Unilock Umbriano combines white, black, and earthy brown tones, which creates a popular color palette that echoes the colors in a traditional home design. Add spots of variation in the paving layout, whether a border or simple pattern, to let other color accents pick up tones from the home’s details. The border is a great place to pick up the home’s primary color for unity, without trying to make the driveway and home match.


Brick homes

For a more traditional brick home, Copthorne from Unilock has unique variations and textures reminiscent of brick pavers in old European cities and towns. Similarly, Town Hall pavers feature a time-worn and distressed texture in the traditional clay colors of Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, Heritage Red, Heritage Clay, as well as two multi-color blends. With both of these paver designs, if matching the brick tones of the home, consider adding in a contrast detail, such as a sandy-colored border or pattern, which breaks up the brick and picks up the white wood accents usually used on windows and garage doors in this style home. Brussels Block pavers in the Sandstone color option, for example, are ideal for this purpose.

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Light Brown and Tan Homes

Very common in more recent home building are light brown or tan garages and garage doors. In this case, consider a neutral shade, which is a better complement to more modern homes. Unilock Brussels Block pavers come in a wide variety of neutral shades to create a matching, timeless surface. Their flexibility and corresponding block system means they can carry through to the rest of your hardscapes, including patios, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens, creating a thoroughly cohesive design. In the drive, add accent pavers, such as Courtstone, for small points of visual interest.

Whatever your home and garage design, there are many options for your driveway that can complement your style. The driveway is often one of the first elements of the home that your guests will see, so it is important that it is an integrated part of the design, not an afterthought. A little bit of planning and thought goes a long way to make a great first impression. Contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor today for expert advice and installation.

The title image features an Umbriano paver driveway.


Choosing Driveway Pavers that Match with Your Garage in Franklin Lakes, NJ

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