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Beveled Edge Pavers for Easy Snow Clearing in Islip, NY

When the snow falls on your Islip, NY, landscape, you’re left with the strenuous job of clearing it – unless you hire a company to do it for you. Nonetheless, snow clearing on Unilock paving stones is made easier than many other materials because of the slightly beveled edges that characterize select Unilock pavers. This facilitates the movement of rainwater across the surface and prevents the edges from chipping from the use of snow clearing equipment. Here is a selection of pavers to ease clearing the snow from your hardscape:


Artline possesses long, clean lines that reflect minimalist, contemporary outdoor design, making them perfect for modern structures. Part of the EnduraColor line, this paver incorporates integral surface protection that gives the paver’s coloring a dramatically extended lifetime. Further easing the effects of snow clearing is the incorporation of EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology, preventing de-icing salt stains and allowing for an easy spring clean-up.

The title image features a driveway paved with Artline pavers in a 2 Color Blend.



With its high-performance, granite and quartz crystal surface aggregates, the Series line offers a sophisticated paver that is ideal for both residential or commercial driveways, walkways, and patios. This paver offers an extensive color palette that includes a range of cool and warm colors, which can be used as the primary surface paver or for borders, banding, and accents. To create a vibrant look, consider the shade of Mocha Brown, combined with the neutral Peppered Granite. The deep dark shade of Black Granite is ideal for accenting, while the grey tones of Crystalline Basalt makes an excellent option for modern landscapes. The multi-shaped components offered by Series also provide the flexibility to achieve various laying patterns. The bevel on these pavers is subtle, but makes a remarkable difference when it comes to snow shoveling.


Antara is another Unilock paver that impresses with its weathered look and light, inviting colors. This timeless paving stone creates welcoming hardscapes that add a rustic charm to the exterior of any home or business. Antara offers two shapes, square and rectangular, and three color varieties, the warm earthy shade of Almond Grove, the cool shade of Granite, and Sierra, a blend of both warm and cold colors. Antara features natural, worn edges that won’t catch on snow clearing equipment.


Copthorne brings old world charm to your landscape. This paver is crafted using Ultima Concrete Technology which gives it superb structural strength that protects it from splitting or cracking, as well as EnduraColor Facemix Technology which protects against fading. Copthorne is reminiscent of the brick pavers used in old European cities, whose standard size ensures a smooth, efficient installation. Perfect for driveways, patios, and walkways, Copthorne offers a versatile color palette that creates visual interest regardless of the landscape’s theme. The dark Basalt color option is excellent for adding borders and accents and create a dynamic appearance that will complement the look of the surrounding structures. Other colors include the bold shade of Burgundy Red and the earthy shades of Burnt Clay and Old Oak. Again, Copthorne’s timeworn edges pose no risk of catching on snow blades.

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Beveled Edge Pavers for Easy Snow Clearing in Islip, NY

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