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Best Stone Pavers and Concrete Alternatives for Your Medford Lakes, CT, Backyard Patio

Best Stone Pavers and Concrete Alternatives for Your Medford Lakes, CT, Backyard Patio


Unilock offers an impressive range of Premium Quality Natural Stone, as well as a huge selection of pavers realistically modelled on the beauty that natural stone provides. Both options combine elegance and durability to ensure the best end result for your patio, pool deck and walkways. Take your Medford Lakes, CT, patio design far beyond pure functionality and showcase one or more of these timeless classics:

Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock

The advantages of using Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone for your patio lie in its enhanced aesthetic, superior processing, and ethical trading. Unilock offers the best selection of Limestone and Sandstone, sourced from all over the world.

These natural stone pieces are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also enhanced with special surface treatments to bring out the stone’s natural beauty and extend its longevity. Because of this, Unilock Limestone and Sandstone feature low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is also precision calibrated to ensure perfect dimensions.

These products are quarried and processed to the strict standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative, which means that no child labor has been used, and fair wages and a safe working environment have been provided throughout the supply chain.

Unilock Limestone is available in the elegant colors of Black River, Hearthstone and Winter Mist, ideal for modern, traditional and formal backyard patio designs, as well any design with an overarching sense of sophistication.

Sandstone from Unilock features color variations such as Autumn Harvest, which provides a sunny appeal with rich texture, Stone Cliff Grey, which combines vibrant texture with gentle, understated coloring, and the warm Indian Coast option for an inviting ambiance.


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Umbriano pavers are the perfect blend between nature’s highest-performing minerals and cutting edge concrete technology. Infused with granite and quartz particles and specially blended to ensure gentle, random coloring, Umbriano pavers feature an ultra-realistic granite-like surface and impeccable color retention. This paver comes in both strong, bold colors for contrast, as well as softer, more neutral shades. Umbriano is ideal as both a primary paver and accent paver, and will complement a range of patio designs including a sleek modern theme, or a luxurious Mediterranean-style outdoor setting.


The perfect blend of beauty and strength, Richcliff concrete pavers offer class, captivating texture and up to four times the strength of poured concrete. Richcliff not only offers deep, vibrant shades, but a luxurious, ultra-realistic surface that perfectly represents the look of natural flagstone. This paver is perfect if you are after a relaxed, natural appearance along with the convenience of concrete pavers.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

With a laidback but elegant appearance, Beacon Hill Flagstone is an attention grabber. A detailed flagstone finish gives this paver a historic look and feel, and the gentle color palette ensures that it can be used in almost any backyard patio design theme. For example, Beacon Hill Flagstone can be paired with Copthorne accents, for a rustic style, or Umbriano to add a modern edge. Consider bringing out the beauty of Beacon Hill Flagstone by incorporating Natural Stone Coping into the vertical structures of your patio.


The title image features an Umbriano patio and pool deck.


Best Stone Pavers and Concrete Alternatives for Your Medford Lakes, CT, Backyard Patio



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