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Best Seating Options for Fire Pits in Lansing, MI

Best Seating Options for Fire Pits in Lansing, MI


The range of seating options for fire pits that are possible with Unilock materials is vast. Your Lansing, MI, fire pit seating area can incorporate stunning permanent seating while allowing for additional space for moveable furniture, or have your seating needs met solely by durable permanent seating built from Unilock wall units and coping options. Unilock products allow you to customize the features of the seating to match the design motif of your home, and ensure cohesion between your fire pit, seating and patio. Here are just some of the outstanding fire pit seating designs that are possible with Unilock wall units:


Sunken Patio and Fire Pit with Permanent Wall Seating

A hot trend in fire pit construction is the classic sunken patio design, with the fire pit placed in the center and retaining walls around it to serve as seating. This option is statement-making and offers accessible, ready to use seating whenever you might need it. A sunken patio fire pit is ideal for those who entertain regularly, and who have many guests at once. This fire pit seating setup is ideal for small, intimate gatherings as well, providing plenty of privacy and a functional focal point to ground the rest of the landscape design plan. This sort of arrangement is possible with both round and square fire pit designs, such as those offered by the Rivercrest and Sunset Fire Pit Kits from Unilock.


Design Seating with a Complementary Shape

Whether you choose a square, rectangle, or round fire pit design, match the shape of your seating arrangement to mirror that of the fire pit feature. Round fire pits can employ round or semi-circular permanent seating; while the shape of a square fire pit can be echoed by seating walls parallel or perpendicular to one another. Versatile units, such as Estate Wall from Unilock, can be used to create permanent seating that conforms to both styles.

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Pillars for Accents

Seating walls are ideal for providing ever-ready seating for your fire pit area. For an attractive finish, and to anchor the design, consider having your seating walls flanked by attractive pillars. Pillars not only add to the aesthetic value of the design in and of themselves, they also present the opportunity to put potted plants, ornamental lighting fixtures and sculptures on display. The Rapid Pillar System offered by wall units such as Rivercrest Wall, allows for the efficient construction of this sort of feature.


Outdoor Furniture

A combination of moveable and permanent seating allows for adjustments to be made to the seating arrangement to accommodate additional guests. Match your patio furniture to your permanent features to ensure a well-coordinated hardscape. You can even blur the lines further by adding pillows to your permanent seating to match your outdoor furniture. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System is an ideal wall system for the construction of permanent seating that will match a wide range of outdoor furniture styles. U-Cara Fascia Panels are available in a wide range of colors and finishes to allow for maximum versatility. These include both Pitched and Smooth Face finishes and color options such as Granite, Sierra and Natural Blend.

The title image features an Estate Wall fire pit and seating wall.




Best Seating Options for Fire Pits in Lansing, MI

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