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Benefits of Using Permeable Driveway Pavers in Franklin Lakes NJ

Benefits of Using Permeable Driveway Pavers in Franklin Lakes NJ

Permeable pavers are an increasingly popular choice among environmentally conscious consumers. Permeability means that the pavers allow water to absorb back into the groundwater system, as opposed to running off into streets, storm drains, and unfortunately, your home’s foundation. Here are just a few of the benefits of using permeable pavers for your Franklin Lakes, NJ, driveway:


The first benefit to permeable pavers is that they’re an ecologically sound choice for those who want to help conserve water and prevent runoff. The heavy rainfalls of northern New Jersey can cause flooding if not directed properly, and permeable pavers help with that. They allow water to seep back down into the groundwater system, helping to keep earth’s natural water recycling system working. This means wildlife can continue to enjoy fresh water where it would naturally be found. Tribeca Cobble is just one of permeable option from Unilock, and is great for driveway applications. Available in several sizes, you can choose one size or multiple for visual interest. The neutral granite coloring matches with almost any style home, and can also be used as an accent on other hardscapes for a cohesive look.


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Unbeatable Style

There’s no need to sacrifice style for sustainability. Unilock pavers are available in a number of styles, all adding incredible beauty to your design. Town Hall, part of the Unilock Elegance collection, is a brick-like paver that creates breathtaking driveways. Made with Reala Technology, Town Hall is cast from real brick for an authentic texture. Ultima Concrete Technology is used to infuse each paver with strength up to four times that of poured concrete. This creates a hardwearing paver that’s nearly indestructible, making it perfect for heavy-duty applications. Its small format makes it ideal for curved applications and borders. Best of all, it comes in a wide selection of vivid colors, like the near-black Basalt and the classic-look of Old Oak. With Town Hall, you can have sustainable technology along with durable, eye-catching style.


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Keep Your Home Safe

Heavy rainfalls can exacerbate land erosion and flooding, and unfortunately sometimes lead to water seeping into your home’s foundation. Many a home has had a wet basement due to rainfall having nowhere to go. A permeable paver driveway can be graded to direct water flow away from your home. The underlying materials allow water to penetrate easily, preventing excessive runoff. Thornbury is a paver with a flagstone texture that creates a beautiful and permeable driveway surface. Use small, medium, and large rectangles to create a custom look with a naturalized surface and defined lines. For instances of a lot of flooding around the home, walkways can also be created with Thornbury so that runoff is alleviated. The unique manufacturing process ensures that the color will never fade and will last for decades.

Sustainability, style, and safety are all important benefits for a permeable driveway paver. All Unilock pavers are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee on structural integrity. The Unilock Authorized Contractor program ensures you’re connected with top quality, verified contractors who are familiar with our products. All these benefits make the Unilock selection of permeable pavers the best on the market and a great choice for your home. Check out our Product Catalog to see ideas and inspiration using these products.


The title image features a Tribeca Cobble driveway.


Benefits of Using Permeable Driveway Pavers in Franklin Lakes NJ

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