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Achieve Color Variation with Town Hall Pavers for Your Rock Hill, SC Landscape Design

Achieve Color Variation with Town Hall Pavers for Your Rock Hill, SC Landscape Design

When it comes to adding color to your Rock Hill, SC landscape design projects, plants aren’t the only option available. The Unilock range of premium pavers features advanced finishing technologies that create rich, beautiful colors with a durable finish. Our Town Hall pavers offer the look of old-world street brick pavers in a selection of attractive colors.


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Unilock Elegance

Unilock offers a variety of surface technologies to create stronger, more colorful, and longer lasting paving stones. The Elegance line of premium pavers features the unbeatable pairing of Reala surface textures combined with our Ultima manufacturing process. From the classic look of European cobblestones to the inherent beauty of natural stone, the Elegance collection offers unique styles to coordinate with your landscape design.

Reala Surface Technology uses molds created from actual vintage brick to cast our realistic-looking European-style cobblestone pavers. Although they resemble historic pavers, we have carefully kept all dimensions consistent, allowing for more accurate and efficient installations. Pavers such as Copthorne, Courtstone and Town Hall feature Reala surface technology, creating an authentic look for your traditional landscape design projects.

The Ultima manufacturing process produces extremely strong pavers with a long lifespan. Ultima pavers are up to four times stronger and more durable than poured concrete. This means your pavers will stand the test of time, even under heavy traffic and extreme conditions.

Stunning Color Selection

Town Hall Pavers offer robust paver sizes and a larger color selection than competing cobblestone-style pavers. These substantial pavers are available in four rich colors including Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, and Basalt. The Heritage collection is even more colorful, featuring mottled colors such as Heritage Red and Heritage Clay. You can also combine colors on-site to create a custom three-color blend using either the solid or the heritage colors.

Using Borders to Create Contrast

Adding a border to your patio, driveway, or walkway can add color and style to your landscape design. Borders can also help define outdoor spaces and guide traffic flow on your property. The uniform shape and size of Town Hall pavers make it easy to interchange colors to add borders to your masonry projects.

A border of contrasting colors creates a striking image whether you use an exterior or inset border. Consider combining Old Oak pavers with a dark Basalt border for dramatic contrast. For a more subtle color combination, a Heritage Red patio with Burgundy Red borders will offer a less intense look. Incorporating a double border can bring even more color into the design.


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Elevate a Patio with Shapes and Designs

The flexibility of pavers means you can get creative with exciting patio designs. Using the rich colors of Town Hall pavers along with other favorite Unilock pavers, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can add designs, shapes and patterns to your patio. Circles, rings, and checkerboards can all add interest and elevate the look of a paver patio.

Complement Exterior Architecture

When planning landscape design features for the front of a home, you should consider how elements such as the driveway and walkways will complement the exterior of the house. The classic cobblestone appearance of Town Hall pavers pairs well with brick and stone houses as well as historic homes. The dark, warm color options will suit traditional or rustic color schemes. See our Design Idea Catalog for even more inspiration.

The title image features a Town Hall patio.

Achieve Color Variation with Town Hall Pavers for Your Rock Hill, SC Landscape Design

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