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6 Concrete Pavers for Your Toms River, NJ, Driveway Project

6 Concrete Pavers for Your Toms River, NJ, Driveway Project

Concrete pavers are a popular choice for driveways due to their strength and durability, as well as their beauty and nearly endless design options. When it’s time for a driveway upgrade, here are six concrete pavers to consider for your Toms River, NJ, driveway project.

You’ll first want to keep in mind that Unilock concrete pavers are available in many styles, shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, giving you plenty of design options. Concrete pavers from Unilock are ideal for driveways because they are interlocking (which creates a stronger surface), and some are available in permeable options, which help drain rainwater and snowmelt from the driveway—an eco-friendly option that many homeowners love.


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Brussels Block offers a classic tumbled and weathered appearance reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean stone pavers. Six colors beautifully complement a home’s exterior. Brussels Block pavers are also popular on walkways and patios, and over 20 recommended laying patterns allow for unparalleled creativity.

Courtstone cobblestone concrete pavers are polished to a soft sheen and give your driveway a well-worn, old-world look. Courtstone cobbles are cast from real European cobblestones, but the dimensionally precise base ensures easy installation. The small-size Courtstone pavers are often top choices for curved driveways. Available in Basalt and Belgian Blue, Courtstone driveways are the epitome of elegance. Courtstone pavers are also popular as accents and borders.


Eco-Priora permeable pavers are perfect for driveways that have drainage challenges. They are designed with spacer bars that create a 7mm gap that is filled with fine stone chips to encourage water to drain into the substrate below and re-enter the water table. Choose from a rectangular or square shape, two colors, and four different finishes to create a one-of-a-kind permeable paver driveway.

Mattoni concrete pavers offer the classic brick look, but in a modern narrow style that makes for eye-catching, richly textured surfaces. The weathered finish of these Roman-inspired pavers gives a driveway a “been there forever” look. The three colors can be used individually or blended onsite. This is the perfect paver to use for a winding driveway; and for an even more stunning look, you could pair Mattoni pavers with Courtstone cobble accents.


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Thornbury pavers give your driveway the classic look of textured flagstone but with significantly greater strength and longevity. These permeable pavers are available as three moderately sized units and four warm earthy colors, for many design options for a relaxed yet elegant driveway aesthetic.

Tribeca Cobble permeable pavers look just like European granite pavers. Featured in Crystaline Basalt and Peppered Granite, Tribeca Cobble pavers are infused with real granite, quartz, and marble particles for a unique and authentic appearance in an eco-friendly package.

For your new driveway, you may want to take a wide view of paver options, to explore whether darker or lighter colors would work best in contrast to the other elements of your landscape. Your Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you carefully consider the options and think through the pros and cons of various colors, sizes, and textures. Another top consideration when looking at concrete pavers for a driveway is whether you want yours to be permeable—a more environmentally friendly option.


The title image features Courtstone pavers.


6 Concrete Pavers for Your Toms River, NJ, Driveway Project

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