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4 Features You Can Incorporate Into Your Retaining Wall for Added Interest in Bloomfield, MI

Retaining walls can be used to add definition and structure to your Bloomfield, MI, landscape. Aside from their practical use, well-designed retaining walls can serve as stunning elements and add a distinctive visual appeal to your outdoor spaces. Many retaining walls tend to have a dull appearance, so it is important to add interesting features and get creative with their design.

Attractive Coping Options

Coping adds an elegant finish to the retaining wall’s uppermost surface and can also provide a break in color or texture from the rest of the wall. The stunning coping options available from Unilock are made to suit any landscape style, from traditional to modern. Brussels Fullnose coping, for example, features smooth, rounded edges, and can be used to create comfortable seating walls. This coping option can also extend to other areas of your hardscape such as steps and pool edges.
Ledgestone coping can be used universally throughout the hardscape and with virtually any retaining wall system and hardscape style. It offers two color options, a neutral Buff and cool Grey, which are sure to suit any color scheme. Ledgestone coping features a standard surface texture that is cast from actual natural stone molds, giving the wall piece a realistic appearance.

Natural Stone Accents

Blending concrete products with natural stone is a great way to create authentic hardscape elements. This can be done by using concrete as the primary material for your retaining wall and then incorporating natural stone accents in the form of natural stone coping or by accenting your retaining wall with a natural stone patio floor or border.
Unilock Limestone is ideal for modern landscapes because of its fine grained texture and wide range of cool colors. The shade of Black River available in the Bloomfield area features dark grey tones that are great for creating a dramatic look that will accentuate the beauty of any retaining wall.
To contrast a retaining wall built from darker materials, consider Sandstone in the shade of the Stone Cliff Grey. For adding warmth, consider the gentle rose blushes of Indian Coast. Unilock natural stone is known for its strength, low water absorption, and excellent freeze-thaw durability, as well as its natural beauty that is enhanced with a variety of surface treatments.

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Incorporate a Water or a Fire Feature

To add movement or warmth to your retaining wall, add a stunning water or fire feature. There are endless designs options here that will spark creativity and add a touch of class to your landscape. Brussels Dimensional System is a versatile concrete landscape product that offers multi-sized tapered components that are great for building both straight and curved walls – both ideal for fire and water features. Available in many different colors, this wall unit offers variety and provides a captivating timeworn appearance.
Another popular option for adding fire and water features to retaining walls and other hardscape elements is Rivercrest Wall. This wall unit has a surface texture that resembles the appearance of stacked flagstone. Available in two color options, Coastal Slate and Buff, this wall unit offers the character of natural stone and durability of concrete.

The title image features a retaining wall with water feature built from Brussels Dimensional System in Sandstone, finished with Ledgestone coping in Buff.

4 Features You Can Incorporate Into Your Retaining Wall for Added Interest in Bloomfield, MI

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