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3 Design Tips for Sloped Front Yard Landscape in Ottawa, Ontario

3 Design Tips for Sloped Front Yard Landscape in Ottawa, Ontario


A home’s front yard design requires a special touch to boost its curb appeal and add incredible value to the property. So when it comes to landscaping a sloped yard, contractors are faced with multiple challenges. It takes a skilled contractor to turn those challenges into unique features of the project. Here are three ideas that will turn any sloped front yard in Ottawa, Ontario, into a masterpiece of landscape design:


Build a Retaining Wall System

If your property sits below street level, a sloped yard can be a problem, especially when it comes to handling drainage issues and ensuring easy access to the house. Building a retaining wall system is a common method used to solve the problems related to this kind of slope. A retaining wall system can help to level out the front yard area and provide support for the soil. Accessibility can be ensured with a set of stylish but safe steps.

Unilock wall units make it possible to design a retaining wall system that can achieve the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Unilock Rivercrest Wall is ideal for a broad range of landscape style themes, including English garden and traditional rustic. This wall unit is made with the purpose of adding visual appeal and structure to any sloped front yard. Aside from offering the texture and flexibility of natural stone, Rivercrest Wall can be used for virtually any type and size of wall, including curved and straight walls, high walls and low walls. In addition, Rivercrest Wall ensures a natural appearance that will complement your home.

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Create terraces

To take things a step further, let’s consider another approach – creating multileveled terraces. Terracing a slope into multiple levels will not only make your space more usable, but will create a grand front entrance and massive curb appeal. Terracing can be used to completely reshape the yard, creating different areas for enjoyment. Pisa2 has been especially designed for constructing highly stable retaining wall systems. This wall unit can be used to create visually interesting and dependable access points to the home, and will ensure that the terraces are both physically strong and visually striking.

Contrary to the split and weathered surface of Pisa2, Lineo Dimensional Stone will define the front yard with its contemporary, sleek lines, exceptional flexibility, and versatile colors. Lineo Dimensional Stone is ideal for modern garden walls, pillars, and various other vertical structures. This wall unit offers a combination of warm and deep shades. Its color palette includes Sandstone, Sierra, Granite Blend and Midnight Charcoal, and will undoubtedly beautify the front entrance and complement the architectural style of any modern home.


Add Steps

Steps are a must-have for adding functionality to a sloped front yard. Serving as a feature that both physically and visually connects areas of different levels, steps should be made from a material that complements surrounding hardscape features. Brussels Dimensional Stone is ideal for creating stylish risers, while Brussels Fullnose or Fullnose Edger can form the tread. Brussels Dimensional Stone, Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger are ideal, as they give homeowners the luxurious appearance of natural stone without the price. These units present a gorgeous weathered texture and impressive color palette that will visually warm the space.

The title image features a curved Pisa2 retaining wall.


3 Design Tips for Sloped Front Yard Landscape in Ottawa, Ontario

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