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The Perfect Selection of Pavers for a Varied Patio in Mendham, NJ

The Perfect Selection of Pavers for a Varied Patio in Mendham, NJ

The title image features Richcliff pavers and Brussels Dimensional System.


Thinking about a patio upgrade for the upcoming outdoor entertaining season is fun and exciting, but with so many choices, it can be a daunting task. If you want a unique patio—one that expresses your personality—here’s your guide to the perfect selection of pavers for a varied patio in Mendham, NJ.


Creating a varied patio could mean mixing colors, styles, finishes, sizes, or textures. Or it could incorporate a little bit of everything. In general, aim to create variety without overdoing it. A great rule of thumb is to stick with a maximum of three differences: for example one main patio paver, one type of accent, and one texture. Two of these variables can be incorporated into one paver. Here are some examples that will inspire you to create your own unique backyard getaway.


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Tuscan Charm with Brussels Block and Courtstone

These pavers could be perfect for a European-inspired, warm and welcoming patio with character. Start with Brussels Block in Sandstone as the main field paver. This is a tumbled paver reminiscent of Tuscan villas and warm days sipping wine under a grape-covered pergola. Finish the look with smooth, cobblestone-style Courtstone pavers in Basalt (what you’d see paving roads in an old Mediterranean village) for a contrast in textures.


Luxe-Rustic with Beacon Hill Flagstone and Copthorne

Because Beacon Hill Flagstone is a textured paver, stick with one complementary paver as an accent. For example, Copthorne pavers—inspired by European brick street pavers—add a more precise and slightly formal look to the otherwise random natural-flagstone appearance. Two pairings that work exceptionally well are Beacon Hill Flagstone in Almond Grove with Copthorne accents and borders in Burnt Clay, or Beacon Hill Flagstone in Steel Mountain with Copthorne accents and borders in Basalt.


Subtle Variation with Richcliff

Experiment with varying sizes and laying patterns using the same paver. One amazing paver for this is Richcliff, which is the premier flagstone or bluestone alternative from Unilock. Richcliff pavers are available in a random bundle of three varied shapes and sizes, which can be laid in a visually random pattern for a relaxed look. The paver is also available in an XL rectangle, which could be laid at a 45 degree angle to the main paver field; for example, as an outdoor “area rug” or to define an outdoor cooking area. Using the same paver in the main field as in borders and accents makes for a more subtle variation that helps prevent an overly busy look while still adding interest.


Mixing Colors and Textures, with Promenade Paver

Create dramatic visual interest using Promenade Paver, a stylish modern plank-style paver with unabashed flair. This paver is the ultimate for unleashing your creativity, especially in a modern setting where cool tones and sophisticated textures are desired. It comes in eight colors and four distinct textures: Black Granite (Series Exposed finish), Charcoal (smooth finish), Dark Charcoal (Il Campo brushed finish), Dark Grey (smooth finish), Granite (Il Campo brushed finish), Ice Grey (Series Exposed finish), Midnight Sky (mottled Umbriano finish), Peppered Granite (Series Exposed finish). Mix and match colors and textures to create a stunning one-of-a-kind space.


Get more inspiration on the Unilock Dream page, or talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor about what kind of pavers would work best for your new patio.


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