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Thru-mix vs. Face-mix

At Unilock, we refer to thru-mix products as “classic” pavers and face-mix products as “Enduracolor” pavers. We also offer a line of products called “Elegance”. Elegance products are a combination of Enduracolor (face-mix) technology and unique surface textures like Reala or Ultima.

Which is better?

The short answer is Face-mix. Prior to Face-mix technology, pavers were a blend of aggregate, pigment color, and concrete pressed together. When the thru-mix wear with age, the coloring fades and the coarse aggregates in the pavers (which are used to increase the strength of the paver) starts to show through the top of paver, which can ruin the look of the paver.

Face-mix technology adds concentrated color and fine wear-resistant aggregates on the top of the paver, in addition to the coarse aggregates at the base of the paver. So not only is the paver structurally strong, but the color and finish of the paver lasts for generations. The Face-mix process eliminates the risk of the coarse (and ugly) aggregate from appearing through the top of the paver.


Given that the cost of pavers on any given hardscape job is on average 5%, always insist on products with Face-mix technology. Better yet, insist on pavers that deliver Face-mix technology and other paver technologies like Reala or Ultima.

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