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EnduraColor and Elegance – The Face of Unique Paving Stones


Refined, beautiful and strong to the core, every Unilock paving stone is a piece of artistry. From the composition of aggregates to the rich color palate to an array of unique textures, Unilock is changing the face of paving stones in two distinctive lines that combine art with the science of proprietary technologies: Enduracolor and Elegance.





EnduraColor. Beauty that never fades.

Concrete paving stones have a smooth, thin paste on the surface. Over time, this smooth surface can wear exposing the white or grey aggregates inside the concrete and making the paving stone appear discolored or faded.


EnduraColor technology uses a two-step manufacturing process to create a paver that resists the look of fading, without sacrificing the strength you expect.


First, coarser aggregates are added to the concrete composition of the stone’s base to create a stronger concrete formulation. Then, under several tons of vibrating pressure, concentrated color and finer aggregates arepressed into the top of the stone. This protects the surface from the appearance of fading because the top layer prevents large, lighter color aggregates from ever showing through.


Elegance. Timeless textures.

Using Reala technology, deep, concentrated colors are combined with specialized aggregates and texturing techniques to cast pavers with natural stone surfaces for the Elegance line. From the timeworn look of European cobblestones, to the classic luxury of riven natural stone slabs, there’s something for every personality.


And thanks to Ultima™ Concrete, the look you purchase is the look that will last, with up to four times the strength of poured-in-place concrete.


Insist on EnduraColor and Elegance products to bring distinctive style and long-lasting durability to your home’s outdoor gathering areas.





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Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Smooth

Bristol Valley



Hex Paver

Il Campo


Promenade Paver




Tribeca Cobble





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Town Hall™

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