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New Paver Solutions to Old Paver Problems


When a paver patio or driveway is properly installed, it’s impossible for weeds to grow from the ground below because there is no soil beneath the pavers. However, if the joint compound is allowed to erode, dirt and weed seeds could blow in from above and germinate in the joints.

NEW SOLUTION – Joint Compound

Sand stabilizing compounds and Polymeric sands are now available that create a more solid joint that keeps weeds out.

OLD PROBLEM – Tire Ruts and Settling

You may have seen old paver driveways that have shifted and settled in places, most commonly where the vehicle tires travel or turn.

NEW SOLUTION – Proper Excavation

Installation methods have significantly improved over the past several decades. Great paving contractors now know how important it is to excavate to a proper depth for the load demands of driveways and to use well-draining base materials to direct water away from the paver surface. A well installed paver driveway today will stay even for many, many years to come.


Loose sand makes a perfect place for ants to build a home in between the joints of an old-fashioned paver driveway or patio. Once ants set up shop, they slowly begin to carry your jointing sand away!

NEW SOLUTION – New Joint Compound

New sand stabilizing compounds and Polymeric sands now replace the loose sand that was historically used in paver joints. This solid material is less appealing to ants and stays in place.

OLD PROBLEM – Tire Marks and Stains

Turning tires and stains from spills, leaves and other debris can leave marks on the surface of the driveway or patio that are difficult to remove.

NEW SOLUTION – New paver technologies

Unilock EnduraColor™ pavers offer a tighter surface texture that makes them less likely to absorb stains. For an extra level of stain resistance, look for Unilock pavers with EasyClean™ Stain Resistance. This proprietary technology is an integral surface protection that makes spills and stains easier to clean.

OLD PROBLEM – Color Fading

Pavers using traditional thru-mix manufacturing are made of a consistent mix of large aggregates for strength and finer aggregates with color. After years of wear and tear, the finest bits of colored aggregate slowly begin to wear away, exposing more of the larger, natural colored aggregates. This can give the overall impression that the paver color has faded.

NEW SOLUTION – Unilock EnduraColor or Elegance Pavers

Unilock offers a wide array of EnduraColor and Elegance pavers that overcome this problem thanks to a manufacturing method called face-mix. In this process, the larger aggregates that give the paver its strength are buried well below the paver surface, and a thick layer of concentrated color and fine aggregates keep lighter aggregates from show through, even after many years of wear.

OLD PROBLEM – Slippery / Icy Surface

Driveways can become slippery when water is allowed to pool on the surface and turn to ice in winter. This is a common complaint from owners of decorative or stamped concrete driveways.

NEW SOLUTION – Permeable Pavers

Choosing a permeable paver driveway will enable water to drain between the pavers and quickly away from the surface. This reduces the buildup of ice in winter.

OLD PROBLEM – Salt Damage

Some driveway materials are damaged by de-icing salts.

NEW SOLUTION – Unilock Pavers

All Unilock pavers are resistant to de-icing salts, however we recommend that you avoid using magnesium based products as they are very aggressive de-icing salts. Calcium based products or rock salt (sodium Chloride) are both safe for de-icing pavers.


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