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Rainwater Harvesting With Concrete Pavers in Edison, NJ

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For homeowners wanting to invest in sustainability and reduce their impact on the environment, permeable pavers are a brilliant way to achieve a beautiful and eco-friendly outdoor space. Here are the basics of rainwater harvesting with concrete pavers in Edison, NJ:


What are permeable concrete pavers?

Permeable pavers allow water to filter between the pavers into the base and sub-base below the driveway or patio, instead of creating standing water or runoff.

Returning rainfall or snowmelt to the ground is vital for the health of deeply-rooted trees, and to ease the strain on municipal wastewater systems. Unfortunately, solid impermeable surfaces like asphalt do not allow water to seep back into the ground. They divert water into low-lying areas or storm drains – carrying with it pollutants like herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers that eventually end up in our drinking water.


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What is rainwater harvesting?

You may be thinking “rain barrels” as a way to capture rainwater for later use in your landscape. Unilock definitely encourages this approach as a sustainable way to ensure the health of your garden.

However, not all rain or snowmelt runoff comes from the roof of your home. If you have an asphalt or poured concrete driveway, a surprising amount of water simply runs off, unchecked, and ends up either in the stormwater system if there is one, or in a low-lying area (which could be along the foundation of your home).


How Unilock permeable concrete pavers help the environment

Permeable pavers are a solution that encourages the natural cycle of water. Permeable pavers are not only beautiful and durable, they also help you ‘harvest’ rainwater by allowing it to seep into a gravel base beneath the surface, which reduces and removes many pollutants before the water enters the soil and re-enters the groundwater system.

Unilock permeable pavers ensure that water goes back to where it’s supposed to be – in the ground – where it will re-enter the aquifer.


Collecting rainwater

You can install a rainwater collection system beneath your driveway or patio, and then use this filtered water to water your plant beds or lawn through a drip irrigation system, or recycle it in a backyard water feature.


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Unilock permeable pavers

Which Unilock permeable pavers are the best for you? Here are a few choices:



Resembling natural cut stone, Thornbury pavers have a lot of rustic character and charm. It’s a popular choice for driveways, and is equally at home on a patio or as a walkway paver, giving your entire outdoor area a unified look.


Town Hall

Cast from molds taken from real brick street pavers, Town Hall pavers have a lovely old-world feel and the appearance of larger-format bricks. With eight stunning color choices, they are sure to match any architectural style.


Tribeca Cobble

This beautiful paver gives you the timeless look of granite cobblestones. The linear brick shape of Tribeca Cobble is perfect for both modern and traditional homes, adding incredible dimension and character to your landscape.


Final thoughts

Ask your Unilock Authorized Contractor for recommendations for the best permeable paver for your driveway or outdoor living spaces, as well as rainwater collection solutions. Whichever permeable paver you choose, be assured that Unilock permeable pavers are engineered to be durable, non-slip, resistant to household chemicals and oils – and will add significant value to your home while being great for the environment.


The title image features a Thornbury driveway with Town Hall accents.


Rainwater Harvesting With Concrete Pavers in Edison, NJ



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