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Why the Look of Bluestone Is Highly Sought After and Where to Find Concrete Alternatives in Danbury, CT

Why the Look of Bluestone Is Highly Sought After and Where to Find Concrete Alternatives in Danbury, CT
The title image features Bristol Valley pavers.


Of all natural stone available in the eastern United States, nothing seems to be more popular than bluestone. Its incredible depth of character complements any architectural style and ensures that each hardscape is completely unique. Bluestone is hard to beat, but there are a few things to consider before choosing it. Here’s why the look of bluestone is highly sought after and where to find concrete alternatives in Danbury, CT.


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About Bluestone

People fall in love with the dramatic steel-blue color of bluestone, which sets it apart from other types of stone used in hardscapes. The stone is quarried in the northeastern United States and Canada which makes it a product with limited availability. One of the biggest challenges with bluestone is that should you ever want to expand a bluestone hardscape, you might not be able to find a color match.


Bluestone needs to be sealed to ensure longevity. It is prone to spalling (flaking) if left unsealed. The challenge with sealing bluestone is that it must be sealed not only on the surface, but on its sides and underside where water can infiltrate and cause damage from the freeze-thaw cycle. Bluestone also has a tendency to be slippery when wet and hot to the touch in summer, which limits its usability.


If you love the look of bluestone but aren’t willing to put up with the shortcomings, you can find beautiful bluestone alternatives from Unilock.


Bluestone Alternatives

Unilock offers several pavers that mimic the timeless look of bluestone but have significant practical advantages.


Bristol Valley pavers are a great choice for easygoing backyards. Three gorgeous blended colors, natural flagstone texture and zero bevel edge give your hardscape a natural yet contemporary look. The Steel Mountain color is closest to natural bluestone, but you can achieve an even more random and natural look by blending Steel Mountain onsite with New York Blend. EasyClean technology prevents staining, for carefree outdoor living. The paver is available in random bundles of three sizes, as well as an XL size.


Treo Premier offers the wonderful flagstone texture in smaller format pavers with beveled edges. Of the eight available blended colors, New York Blend, Fossil, Almond Grove, and Steel Mountain come closest to bluestone. Use them separately or blend them onsite. This paver can also be used for driveways if you want to carry the appeal of bluestone throughout your landscape.


Beacon Hill Flagstone features the same beautiful natural flagstone texture, beveled edges, and a larger format than Treo pavers. This paver is popular with those looking for a relaxed outdoor living space. Choose the New York Blend, Fossil, Almond Grove, and Steel Mountain colors (alone or blended onsite). An XL rectangle is available if you prefer large pavers for a more expansive look.


Achieve the most realistic bluestone appearance with Richcliff pavers. These pavers are made using Reala Technology, which takes casts from many real flagstones: the result is a completely random, natural appearance without repeating patterns. The Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist are closest to natural bluestone and again, you can choose one color or blend them onsite. This paver is durable enough for driveways thanks to Ultima concrete technology. Richcliff is a top choice for upscale patios, walkways, pool decks, and driveways.


Where to Find Unilock Bluestone Alternatives

You can see these pavers in person at a Unilock Idea Center. Connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor to purchase, and be sure to use them for professional installation that is backed by the Unilock guarantee.


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