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The Look of Bluestone Suits These 4 Landscape Design Styles in Greenwich, CT

The Look of Bluestone Suits These 4 Landscape Design Styles in Greenwich, CT

The title image features Richcliff driveway pavers.


Bluestone is a versatile natural stone filled with character. The look of bluestone suits these four landscape design styles in Greenwich, CT, and if you want the convenience of manufactured stone alternatives, Unilock has some great choices for you.


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Bluestone beautifully complements a grand home with brick siding and formal landscape design. The cool colors of bluestone serve to ground the home in the landscape. With concrete pavers, you get your choice of textures: less for a more relaxed look and smooth for a more sophisticated look.


Richcliff pavers from Unilock are high-end pavers made using Reala Technology for authenticity and Ultima Technology for unparalleled durability (Richcliff pavers can be used in any pedestrian application as well as driveways and entry courts). Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist are two colors that, when blended together on site, create a stunning outdoor living space that reflects the craftsmanship inherent in grand estate homes and formal landscapes.



You can’t help but be charmed by the farmhouse look, especially when it’s surrounded by beautiful masonry surfaces. A farmhouse brings up images of laughter-filled family gatherings in a relaxed natural setting. Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock could be the perfect choice beside a farmhouse. Textured pavers bring nature even closer and echo the randomness of natural textures. Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers look right at home beside rustic stacked-fieldstone walls, vertical masonry structures, gardens, meadows, orchards, wooded areas, and ponds. Their gorgeous texture really comes to life in the golden hours of sunrise and sunset while remaining barefoot-friendly and level enough for easy furniture placement. Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers are available in several colors that mimic the wonderful natural characteristics of bluestone: Steel Mountain, Fossil, New York Blend, and Almond Grove. Use them separately or have two or three together blended together on site for an even more authentic appearance.



Traditional homes use materials such as stone or brick on the facade, and feature more subdued colors. The landscapes tend to be symmetrical without being too formal. There’s often a wonderful mix of deep greens and vibrant colors in the landscape, which is fitting for the neutral look of bluestone.


Transition pavers from Unilock feature EnduraColor technology for a refined surface and long-lasting color to these economical pavers. The subtle color blends fit in perfectly with the natural surroundings. To achieve a gorgeous bluestone look, consider having two or three of the following colors mixed on site: Charcoal, Fossil, New York Blend, Almond Grove, or Steel Mountain.



Pavers resembling bluestone offer a stunning complement to sleek modern homes. Modern architecture is all about texture and form. Modern landscaping also highlights individual plants, textures, shapes, and colors within the landscape. The subtle yet refined texture of the right paver can serve as a beautiful canvas that brings attention to the home and landscape, while maintaining its own character.


Bristol Valley pavers from Unilock bring subtle texture and blended colors that create an eye-catching transition between the home and the landscape. The Steel Mountain or New York Blend are perfect for creating the bluestone look around a modern home. Bristol Valley features EasyClean Stain Resistance for effortless maintenance, and EnduraColor for rich lasting color and a refined surface ideal for contemporary settings.


For more inspiration on using bluestone-look pavers, visit the Unilock Design page or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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