5 Tips for Pairing Outdoor Furniture with Your Fire Pit in Canton, OH | Unilock

5 Tips for Pairing Outdoor Furniture with Your Fire Pit in Canton, OH

5 Tips for Pairing Outdoor Furniture with Your Fire Pit in Canton, OH


In Canton, OH, humid summers make having an inviting outdoor space, preferably with shaded areas, a coveted thing. When winters come with daily dropping temperatures and cold nights, a fire pit is the perfect addition to any backyard. So how do you pair the right furniture with your fire pit in Canton, OH? Here are five quick tips:


The Right Materials Matter

Imagine yourself transported to an outdoor space that feels way more like a living room, with a roaring fire to boot, as opposed to a chilly winter evening. This can be your reality. A central fire pit can be the focal point of any backyard and becomes an in-demand gathering spot. Consider treated woods resistant to rot and water, and synthetic wicker pieces that will stand the outdoors all year round. These are perfect material choices for fire pit-friendly furniture and with ranges of colors and designers to choose from, you can match them well with your fire pit’s color and texture. The Unilock Outdoor Idea Center can help you pick and decide on the right fire pit style for the overall design you’re going for.


Mix and Match

Mixing and matching is a trend for 2018, and it’s one that doesn’t age with quality furniture choices. This goes for using the fire pit as a seating option as well! Wide borders can easily be used for additional seating or, if you just want to get a little closer to the fire. Incorporating the fire pit as a “furniture” option is a smart way to keep gatherings feeling casual and informal, and no one is left out if your space is smaller and only allows for limited furniture. This is also a wise choice if there’s nowhere to rest a cocktail glass, or plate while entertaining. Rivercrest Firepit Kits built with Rivercrest Wall are perfect for this choice. Add a fire pit grill which fits securely into the pit for added security and there’s an option for making s’mores.

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It’s Summer, Now What?

Summer in Canton, OH can be rough, as temperatures climb and the AC works overtime. That doesn’t have to stop you from utilizing your fire pit though. Wicker furniture is great for summer too, and who knows, maybe no one will even be thinking of sitting at your next big fire pit barbecue. You might have stored the fire pit grill away after the s’mores, but now you can get it back out and engage in a great American tradition. Consider a Brussels Dimensional Stone rectangular fire pit, wood burning and meat charring. See yourself propped on the edge of a wicker or comfortable wrought iron chair, earth tones matching your fire pit wall’s weathered look.


Get Furniture That Speaks to You

After setting up a great fire pit in your already amazing backyard, you’re going to want to spend real time there enjoying your setup. There’s no point having an incredible Unilock custom or contemporary fire pit you love, if you hate the furniture that surrounds it. Consider getting a contractor to build a custom wall with integrated seating, around your fire pit. That way you not only have a unique design that’s all yours, but you can add and take away features like covers, cushions, throws, and more, with the changing seasons and your changing tastes. Nothing’s static in the world of design, so your fire pit furniture doesn’t need to be either.

The title image features a Richcliff patio with a Rivercrest Wall firepit kit and seat wall.


5 Tips for Pairing Outdoor Furniture with Your Fire Pit in Canton, OH


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