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3 Tips for Matching Your Omaha, Lincoln Outdoor Furniture to Your Patio Pavers

Designing a new outdoor space for your Omaha or Lincoln home? Two of the most important features you’ll have to consider are your patio pavers and your outdoor furniture. It can be difficult to know how these can be best matched, so we’ve put together three of our favorite tips to help you easily match your new outdoor furniture to your patio pavers and ensure that your outdoor space is coordinated, relaxing and stylish.

Think Style

Before we even get into things like different colors and tones, we have to think about style. What is the ambience you’re trying to create on your patio? Of course, you want to be able to relax and entertain, but what look suits you best? Contemporary and sleek? Rugged and natural-looking? Antique and European-inspired?
If cutting edge and contemporary’s your preference, Artline is a great patio paver choice, with its long clean lines and minimalist feel. Artline is best paired with straight-edged, chrome or metallic furniture for the ultimate in contemporary chic. Think chrome outdoor grills and barbeques, angular swimming pools and metallic outdoor light fittings.
If your style is more historical and grand, we’d recommend patio pavers such as Mattoni, a design reminiscent of ancient Rome. Pair with classical furniture and perhaps even a sundial for ultimate effect. Alternatively, for an Old European feel, pick a cobblestone type paver, such as Olde Greenwich Cobble or Camelot. These pair well with classic iron or wooden outdoor furniture, and an old English style weather vane or bird bath.

Think Color

If you want your outdoor space to boast seamless design, your chosen furniture color has to complement the tones in your patio pavers. Because patio pavers tend to mimic natural stone, typically they come in one of six choices: sandy-toned, red-toned, brown-toned, gray-toned, black-toned, or mixed-toned. It’s worth taking a closer look at the accents in your patio paver choice, as they could be the inspiration for your furniture color. For example, Hollandstone in Sierra combines sandy, brown and black tones to create understated visual interest in your patio. If you wanted to play things down for a relaxing space, you might pick wooden furniture with brown-toned upholstery. Or if you felt like spicing things up, furnishings with black frames and sandy-toned upholstery would certainly turn heads.

Think Texture

Though sometimes overlooked, texture is a crucial element in seamless design. When you pick your patio pavers for your outdoor space, you’ll want to think about the texture of what you’ve chosen and how you can pick outdoor furniture to complement it. For example, Rivenstone has a rugged texture in parts but a smooth feel to the touch. This makes it ideal for furniture that finds a happy medium between a rustic feel and a sleeker style. Senzo, on the other hand, is a smooth and flat patio paver, so furniture with smooth edges would be the best choice to complement it. If you’re a fan of handmade furniture and a country cottage feel, a choice like Brussels Block would be better suited. Its antique, tumbled finish gives it a weathered texture that would match perfectly with historic or personal pieces.

The title image features a patio paved with Unilock’s Brussels Block.

3 Tips for Matching Your Omaha, Lincoln NA Outdoor Furniture to Your Patio Pavers

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