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Paving Stones: Tips for Incorporating the Look of Stone in a Cold Springs, NY, Landscape

The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth pavers.

Adding the look of stone to your landscape can create a wonderful and significant sense of permanence and beauty. Any patio, walkway, or pool deck can be enhanced with the look of natural stone that creates harmony between the home and the surroundings. Here are some of the options for incorporating paving stones in a Cold Springs, NY, landscape.

Complementing Nature’s Colors

Balance between the outside world and your home can create the feeling that the home belongs where it does. The existing stone in your landscape and the surrounding area could inspire the renovation of your landscape with similar color tones and textures. However, it’s not typically a great option to simply mimic the exact color of the existing stone. Both Sandstone and Limestone natural stone slabs from Unilock offer a range of colors that could beautifully offset existing masonry and natural stone features.

Marrying Natural and Manmade

Many traditional and rustic homes across America are built with brick. Beautiful brick pavers such as Copthorne from Unilock are often laid in a linear pattern known as the running bond. The linear arrangement of these bricks creates a wonderful visual texture full of straight lines. In order to pay tribute to the random curves of nature, you could incorporate natural stone, such as Sandstone. Combining brick pavers with diagonally laid Sandstone slabs could create a fresh look with amazing visual richness.

Contrasting Sizes

The size of the home can be enhanced by choosing varying paver sizes. Typically a small older home made of brick will feel cozier due to the tight lines of these small format units. Contrasting brick with the more expansive lines of large format pavers could help the outdoor space feel much larger, and this contribution may even help the home itself feel a bit larger. The incredible Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock add character and elegance to a more traditional outdoor living space.

Confidence in Pavers

Driveways are an essential feature for a landscape, yet are often overlooked for their potential beauty. As you consider adding natural stone to your landscape, you may want to offer continuity between your driveway and other surfaces in your landscape. Since the use of natural stone in a driveway is risky, you will probably want to direct your attention to pavers that resemble stone.

Natural stones aren’t suitable for driveway applications because the added weight and pressure of vehicles can quickly damage or even break the individual slabs. It’s not that natural stone slabs aren’t strong in their own right, but the thickness is not appropriate.

The popular Richcliff pavers from Unilock, for instance, offer the hyper-realistic textures and colors of natural stone while also providing structural strength and long-lasting durability suitable for a driveway.

The eye-catching Hex Pavers from Unilock are thick, honeycomb-shaped pavers that give a driveway incredible durability. They are available in three different finishes and corresponding colors that mimic the look of natural stone.

For a more modern linear look, consider Artline pavers from Unilock. These pavers take the look of classic brick into the modern era with a long, slender profile and two finishes with corresponding colors that could be used individually or mixed and matched to create a visually striking modern driveway.


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