Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for Resort-Like Patios on Long Island, NY

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for Resort-Like Patios on Long Island, NY


Your Long Island, NY, backyard may be decked out with a spectacular pool, modern outdoor kitchen, and chic decor. However, comfort is another key element of luxury. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is absolutely essential to fend off the evening chill and keep you cozy all night long. Not only will it extend the time you spend outdoors, but it will also fill your outdoor living space with a warm and intimate ambience. Here are a few ways you can optimize the luxurious look and feel of your outdoor fireplace or fire pit.


The Right Placement

Where you build your fireplace or fire pit will determine its impact. It will make a difference in how visible the flames are and how deeply their warmth and light pervade your outdoor living space. The placement of your fire feature goes hand in hand with the placement of your outdoor furniture, as you will want to curl up and enjoy the fire from the comfort of a bench or plush armchair. Arrange your outdoor furniture to face the fire feature, optimizing the number of people who will receive its warmth and creating a hotspot for gathering and conversation. With your outdoor furniture facing your fire feature, anything behind it will be put on display. Consider placing it in front of your pool so that the water will lend a sense of tranquility to the atmosphere and the flames will reflect off its surface.


A Modern Material Selection

The materials you utilize for the construction of your outdoor fireplace or fire pit will determine its aesthetic theme and, in turn, the theme it lends to the rest of your hardscape. For a modern, resort-like look and feel, opt for sleek contemporary materials. Many concrete products from Unilock, like Lineo Dimensional Stone, are well-suited to this type of project. If you already have a rather modern and luxurious patio in place, simply match the materials you select for your fire feature to those you find in your established surroundings. This will not only keep you grounded in the right aesthetic theme but will also ensure that your finished hardscape looks cohesive.

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The Perfect Shape

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can be constructed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For example, fire pits can be circular or angular, depending on the atmosphere you desire for your fireside. A circular fire pit tends to facilitate a more casual, campfire-like atmosphere when compared with an angular fire pit. A low, rectangular fire pit—or fire table—is a good candidate for resort-like patios due to its notably slim and sleek layout. A fireplace can be made stout or towering, depending on how formidable you desire it to be.

It is important to design your fire feature relative to the other elements in your hardscape. For example, an extremely tall fireplace can look terribly out of place in a hardscape where everything else is rather close to the ground. Small outdoor living spaces cannot accommodate very large fire features, as they will look cramped and may even prove to be hazardous. Fortunately, Unilock offers numerous prebuilt fireplaces and fire pits to simplify your decision-making, should you feel overwhelmed.


Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for Resort-Like Patios on Long Island, NY