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5 front entryway design tips sure to make a great first impression


Want to make a great first impression with your front entryway? Designs that utilize the right combinations of visual elements and increased product performance are guaranteed to produce amazing results. Here, we take a look at 5 tips for welcoming guests to your home in style.

Up the ante with striking architectural details

Nothing makes a great first impression like unique architecture adorning your front entryway. The curved opening just before this home’s doorway provides both structure and aesthetic beauty, and is mirrored in the shapes of its surrounding windows. A whimsical driveway paver pattern beautifully compliments these rounded forms, which soften the overall rustic stone look.


Repetition is key in bringing unity to a front entryway design. A staggering archway sets the stage for this magnificent architectural style, whose clean lines and textures offset and balance out its vertical height. The entryway’s curved garden retaining wall, circular planting bed, and symmetrical features further ground its sky-high architecture.


A spacious porch enclosed by neat railings and column supports gives this front entryway design classic appeal. The porch’s slanted overhang pairs well with this home’s sharp-edged gable roofs, and invites visitors to stay awhile under its refreshing shade and shelter.


Play with color combinations

Black and white elevates this modern home by giving it a classic twist. Instead of going for crisp white trim, molding, columns, and fencing, these homeowners turned a traditional front entranceway design style on its head, using a bold, dark colored hue.
The brilliant combination of brick, stone, and concrete pavers evokes a dynamic spread of colors that draws the eye directly to the front entryway. Designs that make a great first impression bring your front door to the forefront. Notice how the soft grey-blue tone of this doorway is punctuated by richly hued brick, grey trim, and bright white window frames.

Work with your home’s main colors, not against them. The stark contrast between this front entranceway’s clean white look and its surrounding deep blue hue is successful because it takes cues from the exterior’s primary trim and molding colors. Matching materials, as in the front door and window frames, contribute to the unity of this front entranceway design.


Make a great first impression by focusing on the doorway. Prominent square columns strongly highlight this sturdy wooden door, which might otherwise overwhelm the design. Wooden doors provide warmth and seem naturally inviting, which is perfect for this contemporary front entranceway design featuring Unilock’s Umbriano pavers.


To make a great first impression, it’s sometimes necessary to build anticipation. The lengthy walkway leading to this front door is further elongated by symmetrical plantings, a simple side bench, and low steps, elements which welcome visitors long before they actually reach the main entranceway. Another result? The door becomes a prime focal point.


Bring your front entranceway center stage with an exciting doorway design. Modern flush double doors provide a sense of grandeur. The half-circle windows spark visual interest, yet make the entrance more welcoming by showing a hint of the home’s interior. A sweeping paver pattern directed toward the front door finishes off the design.


Contemporary curb appeal. A strikingly colored front door will stop visitors in their tracks to admire the view. Sleek lines and industrial materials, as in this front entranceway design, make a great first impression when placed next to a strategic burst of color.


Less is more when it comes to contemporary design. Tall, symmetrical, and structural plantings work in harmony with the dynamic avant garde slant of this home’s roof. A brilliantly hued accent tree spruces up the design. In true minimalist style, not much else is needed here to make a great first impression.


Utilize the walkway. Take advantage of the space in front of your main entranceway with aesthetically intriguing design elements. The angular zig-zag of this paver design that features Unilock’s Umbriano pavers enlivens the area which, due to its spaciousness, could easily fall victim to visual boredom.


Make the walk to your front door a pleasant sensory experience by adorning a walkway with lush, vibrant plantings. The maze-like effect of this traditional garden walkway of Unilock’s Copthorne center with a Brussels Block border creates a brilliant first impression by subtly hiding the home’s front entranceway from view until the last few steps. A brick herringbone pattern, neat paver borders, and clipped shrubs direct visitors through the walkway.


Invite people to sit and relax before they even enter your home by integrating an intimate sitting or lounge area into your front entryway design. Make a great first impression with comfortable seating, appropriate accent colors, and low walls to enclose the space, as pictured.

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