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The Importance of Landscape Design for Curb Appeal

The Importance of Landscape Design for Curb Appeal

Whether you live in a sprawling, five-bedroom estate in a coveted neighborhood or a quaint bungalow on a tree-lined suburban street, your landscape sets the tone. Every time someone visits or goes by your house, their first impression is based on the look you have curated for your outdoor space. From your layout choice for your front walkway to the quality level of the material used to construct the driveway, every decision made has an effect on the overall curb appeal of your home.

This is why putting thought and planning into the landscape design of your outdoor living space is so important. You want to always be pleased by what you see when you pull into your driveway. You also want to be sure that your landscape’s curb appeal fits today’s standards as it affects your property value and your ability to fully enjoy the investments you’ve made in your home. As you consider how to make your outdoor living space as appealing as possible, consider the four major elements that play a part in how your overall landscape design is perceived: aesthetics, functionality, safety, and marketability.


Aesthetic Appeal

When you hear someone talk about the curb appeal of a home, chances are they are largely referring to how your home looks from the street. Does the arrangement of landscape features and quality of materials combine to create a beautiful first impression? Does your front yard stand out in the neighborhood? Does it turn heads? An investment in the aesthetics of your front yard generally ensures an increase in the value of your home.

Your landscape should have thematic consistency to give it a holistic feel that is both positive and welcoming. This can be accomplished in numerous ways, depending on specific tastes, but you want your front yard to seem as though it were designed with purpose and intent, instead of a seemingly haphazard gathering of decorative elements and hardscape features.

A great place to start is deciding what the focal point of your landscape design should be. Where do you want visitors’ eyes to immediately land when they step onto your property? A stunning walkway could be the answer — quality pavers in a gorgeous color could lead the way to where you want visitors to go. At Unilock, we offer beautiful pavers in a range of styles and colors you won’t find anywhere else. Especially deserving to be the center of attention are the pavers from our Elegance line, such as Courtstone and Town Hall. These premium pavers create beautiful driveways and walkways to give your home an old-world charm from a blend of high-performing minerals and manufacturing technologies that are exclusive to Unilock.

No matter how much outdoor space you have to work with, the addition of Unilock pavers will boost the appearance of your landscape, providing you with an outdoor space that you’ll love to admire.



Functionality isn’t always the top concern of homeowners during the design phase, but it will be once the project is complete. Your home needs a convenient and easily accessible entry point. The route to your front door should be clearly marked, clean of debris, and free of cracks and bumps. Durable, quality pavers make this possible and set the path forward for years to come. Since they won’t buckle or crack like asphalt, they will always be passable by you and your visitors.

Stain-resistant and fade-resistant materials are also available for achieving longevity in your landscape project. Smart landscape design takes a holistic look at how to make your spaces more functional, whether that means widening an impractical walkway to allow for easier strolling, extending the standard width of the driveway to provide enough room for both drivers and passengers when they exit a vehicle, or even planning out a special space for snow piles in the winter. Such thinking takes into consideration the future needs of the household as well, such as making steps at a more gradual incline for elderly family members to easily get into and out of the home.

A driveway or walkway made of Unilock pavers marries form and function. Perhaps you’re looking to create a walkway from the sidewalk to your front door with a walking path that is reminiscent of what you’d see in a European village. If so, our Copthorne pavers could be exactly what you’re looking for. Or perhaps your style is more minimalistic, and you’re in the market for an ultra-modern driveway. In that case, our Senzo pavers could match your vision. Unilock pavers prioritize beauty, quality, and strength as our manufacturing specifications far exceed industry standards read more about our high standards here.



Unlike aesthetics and functionality, safety measures in a landscape design plan are not always obvious, but they are just as important. You need a yard that people can access with the minimum likelihood of falling and getting hurt. Safe landscape designs factor in proper lighting and drainage, for ease of navigation at all times of day and all kinds of weather.

Another element of safety is defining edges with contrasting pavers (e.g. borders) to signal that something is about to end. The edges of a lightly colored pool deck, for example, benefit from coping in a darker shade.

The Importance of Landscape Design for Curb Appeal

Darker colored Unilock accents visually define where the Bristol Valley paver patio ends and where the pool area begins.


Adequate Lighting

Lighting can add to the beauty of your landscape design. From creating a soft glow along beautiful stone structures to making navigating steps easy through the use of small lighting fixtures, lighting deserves attention when plotting out changes to the landscape. Sufficient lighting extends the amount of time you can spend outside while also minimizing injuries as people make their way around. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you incorporate outdoor lighting into your landscape design and construction project.

The Importance of Landscape Design for Curb Appeal

Illuminated steps are not only safer — they set the tone and bring attention to beautiful stonework.



Pools of water can lead to slips and falls, and not only when water turns to ice. In landscape design, permeability refers to the ability of surfaces to mitigate and control stormwater runoff by allowing water to pass through into the underlying soil. Knowledgeable homebuyers view permeable pavers as desirable for their ability to keep surfaces free of water and ice, and for the eco-friendly benefit of filtering rainwater, enabling it to be reused, and limiting the amount of unwanted sediment that goes into the sewer system.

As sustainability continues to be a top concern of homebuyers, effective drainage is in high demand. Permeable pavers allow water to pass through the open spaces that divide each one. Every year, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects, permeable pavers can infiltrate up to 80% of rainfall to the underlying soil. Unilock offers dozens of permeable paver options suitable for all aesthetic tastes.



The concept of bolstering your curb appeal may seem reserved for homeowners who are in the market to sell, but preparing your home in advance can pay off. With an appealing front view of your property, you’ll impress your neighbors, your visitors, and yourself, when you pull into your driveway every day.

Indeed, 94% of realtors recommend that sellers improve their curb appeal before listing a home for sale. The effort can translate into a significant return: A seven-state survey focusing on consumer perspectives of how landscape efforts can affect the perceived value of a home found a change in value ranging from an increase of 5.5% percent to an increase of 11.4%. To put that in dollar terms, quality landscape services can add anywhere between $27,500 to $57,000 to the value of a $500,000 home.

It’s far better to inspire potential buyers instead of causing them to feel like the house is incomplete and will require additional investment on their end. In other words, you want them to love your home, and to do so without hesitation. If you’re looking to upgrade your property in advance of a sale or for your own long-term enjoyment, contact Unilock today to learn more about how our beautiful products can enhance your curb appeal. We’ll guide you through the entire process.

The Importance of Landscape Design for Curb Appeal


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