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Design Ideas That Stand the Test of Time

Like any major undertaking, you want your outdoor hardscaping project to provide lasting enjoyment and functionality. You don’t want to find that it’s outdated or tired and in need of a redo in a couple of years.

Often, it’s best to choose a clean, classic design that utilizes balance, contrast and wise repetition – just enough to be interesting, not monotonous. The result can be bold and effective, as well as enduring. A well-designed outdoor living space can highlight the nuances of the building materials, draw the eye to focal points, and elevate the overall look of your home.

However, without a true balance of various elements, your clean design can quickly become stale. Keep it visually interesting for the long term by following the techniques below.

Create a lasting effect with varied textures

When a space contains only smooth or repetitive textures, the undesirable effect is visual flatness. Rich, naturalistic textures provide variation that looks both unified and visually interesting. Unilock pavers such as Richcliff are cast from unique molds modelled after the surface of natural stone. With an embossed surface, monotony is avoided entirely.

Take cues from your home for a unified design

A design that works in harmony with the style elements of your home will stand the test of time. For example, if your home is traditional, choose brick-inspired pavers or pavers that create a flagstone feel. If your home has a stone façade and old-world charm, consider aged cobblestones. A modern home with clean, sleek lines will be beautifully offset by straight, uniform pavers.

Play with lines and forms

A good balance of line and form is essential in creating a sophisticated design that is simultaneously uncluttered and captivating. Rather than going predictably perpendicular, a diagonal pattern can add visual interest for the entire project or as a subtle distinction between different spaces. Sweeping curves or circular features can be used to balance clean, straight lines. Incorporating a curved retaining wall, curved steps or a round paver rug into your design will help to achieve this effect.

Infuse greenery into your hardscaped space

Without adequate softscaping, hardscaped areas run the risk of appearing cold and flat. Design your project to include areas for lush greenery and bold blooms to bring color, movement and verticality to the space, and to soften the edges of your hardscaping.

Avoid problems that can shorten your project’s life

When it comes to planning and laying a paver project, it will last years longer if it’s done right the first time. Erosion, poor drainage and unstable soil can cause your pavers to shift and heave over time, greatly affecting the aesthetic value and enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces. It’s best to speak with a Unilock contractor to address any foundation issues before proceeding.

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