Finding a Balance of Durability, Strength and Aesthetic in Construction of Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Toledo Fire Pits | Unilock

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Finding a Balance of Durability, Strength and Aesthetic in Construction of Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Toledo Fire Pits

Fire pits are rapidly growing in popularity with homeowners in the Grand Rapids area. As landscaping features, they offer a gorgeous focal point, a pleasing area for conversation and a great place to stay warm on chilly evenings outdoors. If you’re considering getting one yourself, you’ll want your fire pit to be pleasing to the eye, long lasting and strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and the humidity of the Great Lakes region. With a fire pit from Unilock, you’re assured all of these things and more. Let’s take a look at why a Unilock fire pit is your best option.

The look and feel of natural stone

With a Unilock fire pit, you’re assured an aesthetic that perfectly replicates the natural appearance and texture of natural stone. These products have been cast from hundreds of unique molds to ensure a vertical surface that never repeats itself. Authentic color pigments with a range of surface treatments and color stay protection create a block with rich, natural coloring that lasts. In its varied finish and authentic stacked slate appearance, Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate or Buff is the perfect example of a wall system indistinguishable from its natural stone counterpart.

The durability and strength of concrete

While invaluable additions to any family-centered backyard, fire features can pose a hazard if not constructed from durable and fire-resistant materials. Along with the perfect combination of unique, textured surfaces and varied, authentic colors, Unilock fire pits offer the structural strength and durability of concrete to ensure a fire pit that will not split, crack or splinter.

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Simple designs with character

The range of design options that are possible with a custom fire pit built from Unilock products include the means of incorporating banding, accent blocks and an attractive finish in the form of coping. There’s also the option of keeping it simple with our pre-packaged Sunset Fire Pit Kit. Use a combination of Brussels Dimensional System in Sandstone and Mahogany Ash in different sizes to create a fire pit with color contrast and character. Or use Rivercrest Wall with Brussels Fullnose Coping for a contrast of rugged texture and a rounded coping.

The perfect complement to a paved patio

Whatever pavers you’ve selected for your patio, the range of colors and styles available from Unilock ensure you’ll find the perfect match. For your large format pavers and modern aesthetic, we offer Lineo Dimensional Stone in Mahogany Ash, Sandstone and Limestone color option. This plank-style block provides the horizontal emphasis and refined surface texture perfectly suited to the clean modern look. For a rustic, high-texture setting, there’s Estate Wall in Sierra and Sandstone that offer rich earthy coloring and golden warmth respectively. These to name just a few.
All this amounts to a product that will serve you for decades to comes, while contributing to the natural aesthetic of your landscape. In seeking a balance between strength, durability and aesthetic, there’s no need to compromise on any of these attributes. Choose Unilock for your fire pit in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids or Toledo.

The title image features a fire table built from Rivercrest Wall with Ledgestone Coping.

Finding a Balance of Durability, Strength and Aesthetic in Construction of Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Toledo MI Fire Pits


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