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What Makes Unilock Authorized Contractors an Elite Group You Can Trust

Building the outdoor space of your dreams should be an exciting and positive experience. It’s a large investment into your family’s home that if built properly, will be enjoyed for many years to come. The key to a successful project is hiring a professional landscape contractor.

Unilock Authorized Contractors are an elite group of contractors that go through a rigorous screening process to earn authorized status. Not just anyone is granted authorized status. The things Unilock screens for before a contractor is even considered for this program are the following:

  1. The contractor must have 5 years of experience installing hardscapes, and been operating their own business for at least 1 year
  2. Unilock must complete 3 homeowner reference checks of past clients
  3. We’ll complete 2 inspections of in-progress projects to ensure they are excavating, grading and compacting to our standards and using proper base materials
  4. We’ll also complete 2 inspections of 2 recently completed projects to follow up on their design techniques, line work and the quality of their cuts and edging restraints
  5. Finally, we’ll inspect 3 projects completed more than 3 years ago, to ensure the construction has remained sound after natural wear and tear
  6. The contractor must prove that they are exercising worksite safety by providing a copy of their company’s liability insurance and third party worker’s compensation coverage

In addition, all Unilock Authorized Contractors are obligated to offer homeowners a guarantee on their projects. Customers who work with a Unilock Authorized Contractor have additional peace-of-mind, because only Unilock Authorized Contractors’ work is guaranteed by Unilock for 2 years after the installation. This means, we believe so strongly in the quality of the workmanship and integrity of Authorized Contractors, that should they be unable or refuse to fulfill their warranty obligations, Unilock will step in and back their warranty.

Now that you know the work will be installed to proper specification and that the workmanship is guaranteed, here’s what else you can expect when working with a Unilock Authorized Contractor:

  1. 3D design capabilities – visualizing your project can be challenging, but when you work with a Unilock Authorized Contractor, they can render your project in 3D so that you know what to expect when the project is complete. Easily swap out colors, styles and elements like fire pits before making big decisions.
  2. Impeccable project management skills – from start to finish, your project will be managed professionally and end in a great result. A Unilock Authorized Contractor is experienced in managing timelines, organizing materials to the site and executing your landscape project efficiently. Should any unexpected issues arise, they’ll manage and troubleshoot accordingly.
  3. Industry connections – like any trade or industry, a Unilock Authorized Contractor will have several established relationships with pool contractors, electricians, plumbers, tree services, audio-visual specialists, etc. so that whatever you dream up for your space, they can coordinate with the proper trades.
  4. Proper permits – a Unilock Authorized Contractor will ensure any structures, electrical or plumbing you are adding to your new outdoor space will be to proper code so that you abide by your municipality’s laws.

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