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Why visit a Unilock Idea Center?

Sometimes it’s hard to envision landscaping concepts in your yard. Choosing a color that matches your home’s exterior from a photo can be challenging. And where do you go if you have questions about the quality or purpose of certain paver products? The best way to find inspiration and get personalized assistance with your outdoor hardscaping project is to visit a Unilock Idea Center.

See, touch and imagine the possibilities

You’ll find a beautiful world of paver colors, textures and patterns, and see the incredible possibilities they can afford when used in patios, walkways and steps. Discover real-life paver applications in permanent seating walls, grill islands, water features, and outdoor fireplaces and imagine them around your own outdoor setting.

Draw inspiration from unique applications

Our displays are always changing to incorporate the latest ideas with pavers including borders and accents, captivating laying designs and innovative uses for pavers like half walls that double as seating, or pavers that create a stunning pixelated effect.

Talk to people who know their stuff

Ask as many questions as possible. Our friendly Unilock staff members are highly trained and ready to help you plan your outdoor project. From product recommendations for their intended use, to finding the perfect paver to complement your home’s architecture, to creating the ideal mix of pavers and accents to match your personal taste, they know their stuff and are anxious to help make your project a hands-down success.

Learn about new and innovative products

At Unilock, we’re always working to break the mold on paver products. You’ll find our latest, most advanced pavers – like that help to reduce the amount of water that flows into public drains, which can get overstressed in a major storm event.

Take samples home and be sure

We know that the best way to see our paver products in the context of your own home environment is to match it to the real thing. No problem. Ask for samples to take home and compare pavers next to your existing landscape, brick or siding color or garage doors, and see how they look in natural lighting. You’ll feel more confident that you’re making the right choice.

Connect with a professional landscape contractor

If you’re planning to have your hardscaping project done professionally, we can connect you to a Unilock Authorized Contractor to get the job done with the best possible results. While you visit, our staff can let you know what to expect from working with a Unilock Authorized Contractor (read here for more), and provide a few who work in your area.

Ask for a local Unilock Authorized Dealer if you plan to do the job yourself

If you’re interested in doing the project yourself, ask our staff to direct you to a local Unilock Authorized Dealer so you can purchase our products, and bring your exciting project to life!

Visit a Unilock Idea Center today. Come for information and advice, and leave inspired to create something beautiful around your home. Find a Unilock Idea Center near you.

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