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Why Incorporate Pillars into Your Retaining Wall Design in Kitchener?

Pillars are often built as part of a retaining wall to act as both a supporting structure and decorative feature. In this way, pillars add strength, elegance and structural appeal to a retaining wall system. Here’s why you should consider adding these attractive features to your retaining wall design in Kitchener, ON, to add both visual and structural strength:

Echo Architectural Elements of your Home

Tying your landscape design to your home can be as simple as echoing colors, shapes or textures of your home’s facade in your hardscape. Pillars provide an excellent opportunity to do this in a number of ways. Consider, for example, including pillar coping that matches the roof of your home, or creating bands of color in your pillars that match your window frames or siding. The style of the pillar you select may also reflect the angles or lines of your home’s architecture.

Add Decorative Elements

Pillars on their own can create beautiful accents to any patio wall project. They can be used as entry monuments, light posts or as an architectural feature. But more than that they provide a platform to add other decorative elements as well. Decorative lighting fixtures, sculpture, potted plants and even water features or kerosene torches can be added to the tops of the pillars you include in your retaining wall or low wall design.

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Adds Structure to a Yard

Incorporating pillars is an investment in your home’s landscaping to produce greater resale value and enhance curb appeal. If your yard is relatively flat, adding vertical element can help liven up your exterior spaces by creating visual interest. Retaining walls are great for creating dimension and multiple levels and can be further enhanced with attractive end pillars. These can contribute to a seamless flow throughout the hardscape by flanking steps or walkways.

Quick and Easy Setup

Select vertical units, such as Rivercrest Wall, feature a Rapid Pillar System for a quick and easy installation. Rivercrest Wall offers the rich detail of stacked flagstone coupled with the durability of concrete and the strength provided by precision cast, interlocking units. The pillar units of Rivercrest Wall measure 50cm x 50 cm x 11.4 cm (19.75″ x 19.75″ x 4.5″) and can be stacked to your required height for maximum convenience.

Provides the Perfect Finish

Pillars make the whole design come together by creating a flawless finish to your retaining wall system. Like coping, pillars add the final touch to a practical and aesthetically pleasing wall. Don’t forget to take advantage of the pillar caps offered by Unilock to truly complete your project. Ledgestone, our universal coping system, is compatible with virtually all wall designs and is available in a 61cm x 61cm x 9cm (24″ x 24″ x 3.5″) pillar cap unit. Using Ledgestone, you can extend the same style to your retaining walls, low walls, steps and pool edging to create an entirely unified look for your landscape design.

The title image features a front entrance with verticals built from Rivercrest Wall, finished off with Ledgestone coping.

Why Incorporate Pillars into Your Retaining Wall Design in Kitchener?


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