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Stunning Ideas for Inlays to Enhance your Hardscape’s Paver Laying Pattern

Stunning Ideas for Inlays to Enhance your Hardscape's Paver Laying Pattern

Paver inlays are a great way to add character and detail to a landscape design. Whether it’s adding a focal point to a driveway, carving out a visual walkway, or sectioning off an outdoor room, a paver pattern can allow you to achieve this goal. The contrast that a paver inlay offers is also an excellent way to add color and texture, as well as complement the paver laying pattern used for the rest of your patio. Here are some paver inlay ideas that you can incorporate into your hardscape design:

Curves to Break Up a Linear Pattern

Sweeping curves in a landscape design serve to add an organic feel to a landscape design. They can be used to guide the eye outward to a view, or break up rigid geometry. With a paver inlay that incorporates expressive curves, you can soften the appearance of a hardscape, and add interest to a linear paver laying pattern.

A curved paver inlay may take the form of a visual walkway cutting across a large section of hardscape, or even a vine or spiral design that serves no other purpose other than to impress with its visual interest.

Consider using a paver that contrasts in design and style with your primary paver. For example, Umbriano pavers from Unilock can be used to complement a Courtstone driveway. By using a randomized laying pattern for the Umbriano pavers, you can enhance a linear paver laying pattern more commonly used with cobblestone-style pavers like Courtstone.

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A Compass Design to Add Focus to a Randomized Pattern

A randomized laying pattern is a good choice for making a hardscape appear more natural and less repetitive; however without features to act as focal points, a large hardscape, such as a driveway or courtyard incorporating a randomized laying pattern can appear to lack focus.

A paver inlay acts as a stunning focal point, drawing the attention and tying the design together. One popular design for a paver inlay with this purpose, is the compass.

Series pavers from Unilock are ideal for inlay designs of this sort, and are available in bold colors and versatile sizes. The surface of Series pavers are infused with high-performance minerals, including quartz and granite, to ensure stunning, long-lasting color, a realistic granite-like appearance and captivating detail.

A Simple Paver Rug with a Herringbone Laying Pattern

Sometimes a paver rug is all you need to complement the laying pattern of your patio and tie together your outdoor entertainment area. Visually, a paver rug fulfills the same purpose as a rug you’d lay down in your living room. It holds everything together and can complement a furniture arrangement.

Bricklike pavers, such as Copthorne and Town Hall from Unilock, are ideal for paver rugs, and make an ideal complement to pavers with a natural stone appearance, laid in a random laying pattern, such as Richcliff.

For a classic paver rug design, consider Copthorne pavers in a herringbone laying pattern with a soldier course border. While the herringbone laying pattern gives the impression of a weave, the thick border presented by a soldier course helps to contain the pattern and keep the feature distinct.

Copthorne pavers are available in a wide range of colors that allow you to add warmth, sophistication and a traditional feel to paver rug designs. These colors include the cool Steel Blue and Basalt options, as well as the warm Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay and Old Oak (which can be combined to form a stunning 3 Color Blend).

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A Semi-Circular Entryway Inlay

A semi-circular entryway inlay can add fantastic curb appeal to a front yard hardscape and present a warm and inviting welcoming for guests to your property. A circular or semi-circular inlay will complement driveways incorporating anything from a herringbone to a grid-like laying pattern, and highlight transitions between the driveway, walkway and front entryway.

For example, by using Unilock Courtstone pavers to create inlays with circular or fan laying patterns, a fresh dimension can be added to a Brussels Block driveway or front walkway. Courtstone offers the old-world aesthetic of European cobblestone, which perfectly complements the aged and tumbled appearance of Brussels Block pavers. You can even add Town Hall to this combination, as a border paver, for a stunning, tritone design.

Custom Designs for Any Hardscape

Paver inlays are limited only by the imagination of the designer. They may be as simple as basic shapes and stylized graphics, or as elaborate as ornamental designs, family crests or the logo of your favorite sports team. Unilock offers a wide range of pavers in a huge array of styles and colors to create the inlays that best suit your personality. To ensure that your paver inlay is executed perfectly, opt for a Unilock Authorized Contractor. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to design and implement a paver inlay for your hardscape, while ensuring that the entire landscape works as a cohesive whole.

The title image features a Courtstone driveway with Umbriano paver inlay.


Stunning Ideas for Inlays to Enhance your Hardscape's Paver Laying Pattern


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