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Paver Options That Are a Big Hit with Landscaping Companies

Paver Options That Are a Big Hit with Landscaping Companies

An uncompromising commitment to quality, customer service and contractor support have made Unilock concrete and natural stone products a huge hit with landscape companies. Here’s a list of landscape pavers that have become go-to products for landscape contractors because of their diverse applications and stunning design:


Richcliff for Strength and Beauty

Richcliff pavers have proven themselves time and time again as the ultimate multi-purpose paver. Richcliff is part of the Elegance collection from Unilock and utilizes a range of supreme manufacturing technologies to achieve the best of beauty and structural capacity. Ultima Concrete Technology gives Richcliff pavers superior strength. Because of this inherent strength, Richcliff pavers are ideal for driveways and areas of heavy traffic. In addition, Reala Surface Technology gives Richcliff pavers their ultra-realistic natural stone texture. Rich and never-repeating, the surface of Richcliff is a perfect simulacrum of natural flagstone, with all of the benefits of high-quality concrete. In addition, sophisticated, long-lasting colors ensure that Richcliff lasts for decades without losing any of its original appeal.


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Town Hall for Traditional Charm

Like Richcliff, Town Hall pavers are part of the Unilock Elegance collection, and are equipped with extreme durability, vibrant colors and rich detail that is modeled on authentic materials. Town Hall is cast from molds taken from hundreds of historical street brick pavers to allow for a surface that is warm, and full of character and timeless beauty. This paver is a favorite for driveways and walkways, as well as inlaid paver rugs for patios and courtyards. Because of its substantial proportions it is also an excellent paver for creating thick, bold borders.


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Copthorne for Warmth and Character

With slightly smaller proportions, but all of the structural and aesthetic advantages presented by Town Hall, Copthorne pavers are similarly ideal for a wide range of projects. It is also perfect for paving small, cozy outdoor areas, such as side yard patios and fire pit areas. Copthorne comes in the classic warm colors of Old Oak, Burnt Clay and Burgundy Red, as well as Steel Blue for a cooler effect, and Basalt for boldly contrasting borders and accents. As both an accent and a primary paver, Copthorne is well loved by landscaping companies for adding charm to hardscapes.


Courtstone for Old World Elegance

Courtstone represents a meeting point between cutting-edge technology and old-world aesthetic. The timeworn look is achieved using Reala Surface Technology as well as the incredible strength created from the Ultima process. Courtstone is equally suited to traditional suburban driveways and the courtyards of sprawling historical manors, and offers a taste of small European village life. Landscape companies frequently use Courtstone in combination with contrasting jointing compound, such as Tan or Grey Sand from Unilock to bring the surface to life. This paver is also ideal for deeply contrasting borders and accents.


Umbriano for an Authentic Granite-like Appearance

Umbriano pavers achieve their authentic granite-like appearance with the use of randomly dispersed color and the incorporation of actual granite and quartz particles to give it its natural granite sparkle. Along with the gentle blends of Summer Wheat and French Grey, Umbriano is available in the rich, deep colors of Autumn Sunset, Harvest Brown and Midnight Sky, making it suitable for a wide range of color schemes and design styles. Umbriano can be used to add sophistication to traditional landscape designs, as well as for adding natural beauty to modern and minimalist themes. EasyClean Stain Resistance also makes Umbriano perfect for family homes, outdoor kitchens and pool decks, as well as residential driveways. This is because substances such as condiments, pool water residue and grease can be easily removed before a stain has the chance to form.


Tribeca Cobble for the Sophistication of Imported Granite Cobblestone

Tribeca Cobble features the textured finish of imported granite cobblestone that has been used to pave North American streets for centuries. With its historical and timeworn character, Tribeca Cobble is a favorite for driveways that tie in with the architecture of antique homes. What makes Tribeca Cobble popular with landscape contractors is that while the surface of each paver is uniquely shaped and textured, below the surface, the dimensional accuracy of each paver’s base is retained, allowing for a stable and durable surface that interlocks perfectly.


Series for High-Impact Accents

As well as being a great paver for driveways, walkways and more, Series pavers are ideal for adding stunning accents to a hardscape. The bold colors and washed granite texture offer vibrance and detail that can highlight, contrast and accentuate elements of the landscape and draw attention to key points as focal features. Series, for example, can be used to surround fire features, create bands that separate outdoor rooms of differing functions, and outline patios to anchor them into the design. Series is also suitable for commercial driveways because of its high structural strength, making it an essential product for any landscape contractor’s arsenal.


Artline for Modern Minimalism

With its crisp lines, sleek surface and graphic appeal, Artline pavers are ideal for modern, minimalist and contemporary design themes. These elongated, plank-like pavers are available in varying width to create stunning linear laying patterns. Artline is also equipped with EasyClean Stain Resistance, making it a must-have for modern outdoor kitchens.


Beacon Hill Flagstone for Vibrant Texture

A natural appearance and a wide range of versatile color options make Beacon Hill Flagstone another prized paver for landscaping professionals. The gentle surface texture gives Beacon Hill Flagstone a relaxed feel while maintaining a high amount of detail and vibrance, while the softly blended colors contain a mix of earthy hues with naturalistic highlights and undertones that contribute to the air of warmth and comfort that this paver exudes. This paver is available in an XL unit that is ideal for covering large spaces and can create the illusion of expansiveness even in small areas. Beacon Hill Flagstone is perfect for lagoon-like poolsides, serene patios and meandering walkways.


The title image features a Richcliff courtyard with a Courtstone and Umbriano inlay.


Paver Options That Are a Big Hit with Landscaping Companies

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