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How to Compare Landscapers Near Me

How to Compare Landscapers Near Me

If you’re looking for a landscape company with the skills and reputation suited to your projected, you might be stuck with the question, “How do I find and compare landscapers near me?” Fortunately with the help of the Unilock Authorized Contractor program and the following tips, the process of finding a suitable landscaping company is easier now than ever before.


Make Use of the Unilock Authorized Contractor Program

The first step to connecting with reliable landscape contractors in your vicinity is to opt for companies that have been preselected by Unilock based on their skill, knowledge, customer service, business practices and general aptitude. This is a simple process on your part, requiring only that you visit the Find a Contractor page on the Unilock website and click the Request an Authorized Contractor Now button. You will then be asked a series of short questions to help us determine the Unilock Authorized Contractors who are best suited to your project. After filling in your details and submitting the questionnaire, Unilock will contact you with a choice of pre-vetted contractors for your project. You will then be able to make an appointment with a Unilock Authorized Contractor at a time that is convenient to you. This will allow you time to conduct any further research on the companies in the list before making your final decision.


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Online Reviews and Personal Recommendations

To make the process of connecting with a landscape contractor as simple as possible for you, and to ensure that the company your hire will maintain a high standard of customer service, Unilock takes the time to check customer references before allowing any company into the exclusive Unilock Authorized Contractor program. However, should you require peace of mind in this regard before you choose which Unilock Authorized Contractor to opt for, feel free to browse online for reviews of the companies in question. You may also choose to hear firsthand from customers who have had experience with these companies by visiting the companies’ Facebook pages and connecting with previous clients. You may also know someone with firsthand experience with the companies, and of course, this is valuable insight into which company is right for you. Because each Unilock Authorized Contractor is required to apply for recertification every year, we are confident that the landscapers we connect you with are of the highest quality and live up to their excellent reputations.


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Design Style and Portfolio

Viewing the companies’ online portfolios of previous designs and projects they have undertaken can give you an idea of their design style and workmanship. This is a helpful review opportunity in deciding which contractor best suits the style that you are aiming for with your landscape design. Bear in mind that Unilock Authorized Contractors are also known for their flexibility, so should you require a design aesthetic that is not showcased in their portfolios, it’s worth talking one-on-one with the company representative to find out whether or not the company has previous experience designing and constructing the type of landscape that you envision.

Unilock Authorized Contractors are up to date with the latest installation techniques and are skilled with Unilock products. These products can be used to create a wide range of styles, including rustic, traditional, modern and old world. For example, Unilock Rivercrest Wall and Beacon Hill Flagstone can be combined to create a charming rusting hardscape, while Artline pavers and Lineo Dimensional Stone wall units can be used to achieve a cutting-edge modern look. Or opt for Courtstone, with its European cobblestone appearance, for your driveway, patio or walkways to achieve a unique old world aesthetic.


Meet the Company Representative

Often, a one-on-one meeting with a company representative can give you more insight than online research. Having set up an appointment with a representative of the company, take this opportunity to assess which landscape company you would personally enjoy working with. A company representative will be able to offer advice on how to proceed with your project and can make suggestions to ensure that the outcome of the project is a success. While Unilock works closely with contractors in the program, the important thing is that you are satisfied with how the company conducts itself. Getting a personal feel for a company can help to give you the confidence that your project is in good hands.



After meeting with a Unilock Authorized Contractor, the company will send you a quotation for the work that you have requested. This will allow you to select the best company for the job, within your budgetary requirements.

By selecting a Unilock Authorized Contractor, your project is automatically covered by a minimum two-year guarantee on workmanship. You may also opt for a Unilock Transferable Lifetime Guarantee on all Unilock materials. This way you know that your investment is protected. We are also so confident in the quality of work presented by our Unilock Authorized Contractors that should the contractor be unable to fulfill this obligation, Unilock will back the guarantee.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Rivercrest Wall verticals.


How to Compare Landscapers Near Me


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