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Landscapers Near Me: How to get in Contact with a Trusted Contractor through Unilock

Landscapers Near Me: How to get in Contact with a Trusted Contractor through Unilock

When embarking on the journey of a landscape project, many homeowners face the challenge of finding a reliable contractor whose skill and style is well-suited to the task at hand. Traditionally, one might choose a contractor recommended by a friend or colleague based on their experience. However, a one size fits all approach to landscape projects is seldom a good solution. Your acquaintance’s tastes may differ wildly from your own, and in such a case, a contractor better suited to your aesthetic preferences and budget would be a wiser option. Selecting a name at random from the phonebook is even less recommended, given the lack of personal knowledge and experience of the contractor’s reputation or ability. Instead, choose a contractor whose design and construction skills, customer service, and in-depth knowledge of the latest materials and techniques have been thoroughly researched by a renowned third party, such as Unilock. With Unilock, the process of choosing a reliable contractor is simplified. Here’s how you can contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor with just a few clicks:

Your Journey Starts Here

Your first, simple step is to log on to the Find a Contractor page on the Unilock homepage or click here. Here you will find information on the Unilock Authorized Contractor Program, including how Unilock vets contractors and decides who qualifies, based on their ability, to uphold the high quality standards for which Unilock has become known. In addition, you’ll discover that all work done by Unilock Authorized Contractors is covered by a minimum two year guarantee, which is upheld by Unilock should the contractor default on his commitment or be unable to fulfill the obligation. Near the top of the page, you’ll find a red block that reads “Request an Authorized Contractor Now.” Click this button, and your first step is complete.

Finding the Perfect Match

In order to connect you with a contractor that is best suited to your needs, Unilock will ask you a few simple questions about your project. These questions include whether your project is a new project, a repair job or if it involves sealing an existing hardscape. You’ll also be asked what type of project it is, whether it includes a patio, a driveway, walkways, walls etc. Because Unilock Authorized Contractors also offer softscaping services, you may choose to check Soft Landscaping as part of the project if you’d like a complete makeover of your landscape.
Following this, any additional information you have about your project can be added.
Finally, you’ll then be asked for your details, which Unilock keeps private and secure. Once submitted, you will be contacted personally by a Unilock representative who will put you in contact with one or more Unilock Authorized Contractors deemed best suited to your location, project, and other requirements. It really is as simple as that.


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Also featured on the Find a Contractor page mentioned above is a short video interview with homeowner, Bob from Dover, Massachusetts. Bob connected with a contractor for his driveway project by following the steps mentioned above.
“I would recommend Unilock for two reasons,” says Bob. “First, I’m a believer of the product. I’ve used it in three different homes. I know the product. It stands up. The second reason is they vet their contractors, and the contractors they recommend are … knowledgeable, professional, good people. And that takes a lot of the worry out of it…We’ve been through two winters. [The] driveway hasn’t moved, and it’s wonderful.”
Bob’s driveway project featured Tribeca Cobble as the primary paver, along with a Copthorne inlay for added warmth and to accentuate the traditional feel of the design.
Tribeca Cobble offers the appearance of natural granite cobblestone complete with textural detail and the quartz-sparkle of actual granite. As part of the EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes range, the realistic effect of granite has been achieved by incorporating Unilock proprietary blends of high performing minerals such as granite and quartz.
Likewise, Copthorne presents the rich detail and warmth of historical street brick pavers. The product achieves its authenticity as a result of Reala Technology from Unilock. This process involves casting the pavers from molds taken from hundreds of actual street brick pavers to create a never-repeating, highly individualized paver. As a bonus, Copthorne pavers are up to for times stronger than poured concrete, and create a longer-lasting driveway surface than normal clay bricks, thanks to Unilock Ultima Concrete Technology. Take advantage of these and other trusted Unilock products, as well as the skills and professional workmanship of a Unilock Authorized Contractor by getting in touch today.


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Meet the Contractors

You’re free to set up an appointment with a Unilock Authorized Contractor at your own convenience. You may also choose to book a visitation from multiple contractors under no additional obligation. Because Unilock Authorized Contractors are well-known in their field, you may conduct your own research by visiting their websites or social media pages to find out for yourself why they may be ideal for your project. You can also feel free to view testimonials of the company online, with full confidence from Unilock that they provide excellent customer service and come recommended by a number of satisfied clients.


The title image features a Tribeca Cobble driveway with Copthorne accents.


Landscapers Near Me: How to get in Contact with a Trusted Contractor through Unilock


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