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How Landscaping Companies Can Become Unilock Authorized Contractors

How Landscaping Companies Can Become Unilock Authorized Contractors


Being a Unilock Authorized Contractor comes with a host of benefits and special-access tools. As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, your company will be eligible for special discounts and rebates of Unilock products from external vendors. You’ll also have access to our lead referral program and a growing pool of exclusive Unilock clients, as well as access to the members-only section of our website. In addition, you’ll be able to offer homeowners a payment options plan, equip your crew with exclusive Unilock literature and merchandise, and participate in our Annual Awards of Excellence to stand a chance to win prizes and be recognized for superior workmanship. All this and more is at your fingertips when you join the Unilock Authorized Contractor Program. So what does it take? Read on to find out.

High-Quality Installation Methods and Techniques

To qualify for this exclusive program, a contractor requires a mastery of the field. On-site inspections of both past and current projects will be conducted to ascertain the quality of a design/build contractor’s workmanship. By demonstrating impeccable installation methods and techniques, a contractor ticks off the first box on the list of requirements. Not everyone makes the cut, and we make sure that homeowners and commercial clients are aware of this through our advertising and online literature. We promote our Unilock Authorized Contractors as leaders in their field, so contractors who join the program must demonstrate their ability to produce exceptional work. In addition to this, we reward exceptional efforts every year at our Annual Awards of Excellence, where we celebrate next-level design in a number of different categories, such as Best Driveway, Best Front Entrance, Best Backyard, Best Before and After, and Best Project under 1,000 square feet. There is also a prize for Best in Show. This year’s Best in Show award went to Ramos Masonry from Johnston, Rhode Island, for an impressive driveway and pool deck. The driveway featured multiple pavers, including Tribeca Cobble, Courtstone and Thornbury.

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Top-Notch Customer Service

We connect Unilock Authorized Contractors directly to clients who trust the Unilock brand to offer the highest quality service. For this reason, we ensure that contractors chosen for the Unilock Authorized Contractor Program represent themselves to their clients in a professional and respectful manner and offer absolute customer satisfaction. This is done through homeowner reference checks and screening of the contractor’s service history. We value contractors with a commitment to quality and excellent customer service, and continually strive to offer value through the Unilock Authorized Contractor Program. The Unilock Authorized Contractor Program was introduced in 1986, and we are pleased to report successful relationships with contractors that have lasted over 30 years. We enter into relationships with Unilock Authorized Contractors with the mindset of it being a long-term business partnership and strive to build and grow these collaborations.

Exceptional Job Site Safety

Job site safety and safe building practices are of an extremely high importance to us. In addition to demonstrating the correct safety procedures and practices, a potential Unilock Authorized Contractor must present proof of insurance. Maintaining a strict adherence to safety protocol must be ongoing and will be evaluated continually for yearly re-entry into the program. Unilock Authorized Contractors qualify to attend regular training seminars to refresh their knowledge of safety practices and installation techniques.

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Successful Business Practices

To qualify as a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you must be able to demonstrate your experience running, and ability to run, a successful business. This includes ensuring that ethical and legal regulations are abided by. We see Unilock Authorized Contractors as business partners and wish to ensure that our partners share our commitment to business ethics, values and quality. From our side, we are fully committed to helping your business grow and continue its success by offering on-site support, lead referrals, and the full backing of the Unilock brand.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Unilock Authorized Contractors are required to offer a minimum two-year guarantee on their workmanship. While we trust our contractors to fulfill this obligation, we are also invested in ensuring that homeowners who have connected with contractors through us receive the best experience possible. For this reason, should a contractor fail, or be unable, to follow through on their guarantee, Unilock will step in and correct the fault. This gives homeowners additional peace of mind, and, as a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you have something to offer your clients that other contractors can’t.

A Passion for Growth and a Thirst for Knowledge

Although years of experience in the field and hard-earned expertise are welcome traits for contractors joining the Unilock Authorized Contractor Program, they aren’t prerequisites. Young companies are just as welcome, and we invite them to join us to learn and grow, provided they have a sincere passion for excellence, a thirst for knowledge and the drive to develop and expand. As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you’ll qualify for on-site installation support and training for you and your crews to help your company reach its full potential.

If you think your company has what it takes to be a Unilock Authorized Contractor, click here to submit your application.

The title image features a Thornbury driveway with Courtstone accents. This project from Ramos Masonry won the Best in Show Award at the latest Unilock Awards of Excellence.


How Landscaping Companies Can Become Unilock Authorized Contractors


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