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Unilock Pavers That Landscape Contractors Love

Unilock Pavers That Landscape Contractors Love

Unilock pavers are a favorite of landscape contractors who want to offer their clients durable and sophisticated hardscapes. The Unilock range is both vast and versatile, and each paver is designed to fulfill multiple functions. Here are just some of the pavers that have received special attention from landscape contractors because of their aesthetic qualities, specialized uses, and unique benefits.


For Driveways

Tribeca Cobble showcases the captivating, timeworn appearance of imported granite cobblestones that have been used historically to pave the streets of some of the oldest cities in North America. While a driveway surface incorporating Tribeca Cobble appears rich with nuance and variation, beneath the surface, the base of each paver has been precision cast to ensure dimensional accuracy and a secure interlock. Because each Tribeca Cobble paver is capped, it provides a surface with excellent grip, even after snowfall. Another benefit of Tribeca Cobble is that it is compatible with permeable installation methods, which limits the build-up of ice and allows rainwater to return quickly to natural underground water sources.


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For Sophisticated Patios

As part of the Unilock Elegance range, Richcliff pavers feature a combination of advanced concrete manufacturing technologies that ensure rich, long-lasting colors, a realistic natural flagstone surface texture, and unbeatable strength. Unlike its natural stone counterpart, which is prone to splitting, cracking, and fading, Richcliff is virtually indestructible and is able to weather the extreme temperature changes of the freeze/thaw cycle, continuous sunlight and the chemicals contained in pool water without losing any of its inherent beauty. Richcliff is ideal for creating patios with relaxed historical appeal, adding texture to modern designs, and creating hardscapes with a sophisticated appearance.


As Accents

With its delicate proportions and realistic, historical brick appearance, Copthorne pavers are ideal for borders and paver rug inlays. Being part of the Elegance range, Copthorne pavers are made with Ultima Concrete Technology, giving them up to four times the strength of poured concrete, which means these pavers can also be used for driveway applications — as a driveway apron, accent, or even as a primary paver. Deep and varied color options — which include Basalt, Steel Blue, Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay — make Copthorne accents bold and eye-catching. And because Copthorne is equipped with EnduraColor Facemix Technology, the color added to a landscape by Copthorne accents won’t fade, either through mechanical wear or natural weathering.


For Small Hardscapes

Westport pavers feature a flagstone texture with irregular edges and multiple size options to ensure a natural appearance. The smaller size options and excellent value make it an ideal paver for small-scale hardscape projects. Westport offers the additional benefit of being stain resistant, thanks to EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology. This integral surface protection ensures that spills can be quickly cleaned up, and that liquids do not permeate into the paver’s surface and cause stains.


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For Large Modern Hardscapes

A gentle color palette, large format size options, and a refined surface texture make Beacon Hill Smooth an excellent candidate for modern hardscapes. The XL Unit can be used to create stunning, expansive hardscapes, while the sleek texture of Beacon Hill Smooth contributes to an appearance that is neat and uncluttered. While smooth, these pavers remain non-slip, even when wet, and can be used to create pool decks with a sharp, contemporary look. Because of its size and heft, the XL Unit provides an extremely stable surface, and with the help of the UniLyft Paver Installation Machine, they can be installed within a tight time budget.


For Old-World Appeal

Courtstone is another favorite from the Elegance range, featuring a historical cobblestone appearance achieved with Reala Surface Technology, enhanced strength using Ultima Concrete Technology, and deep, everlasting colors with EnduraColor Facemix. Because each piece is individually molded from actual European cobblestone, Courtstone offers an authentic appearance and is ideal for achieving an old-world aesthetic. Like Tribeca Cobble, Courtstone pavers feature a dimensionally accurate base that makes for a reliable surface and efficient installation, all while retaining a rich and varied appearance.


For a Traditional Brick Appearance

Town Hall is also part of the Elegance range and is similar in appearance to Copthorne, but features larger proportions and the traditional burnt brick color blends of Heritage Red and Heritage Clay. Town Hall pavers are ideal for wide, stately driveways, walkways, and patios that subscribe to a classic brick aesthetic. In addition, Town Hall pavers are suitable for commercial vehicular applications because of their supreme strength and durability.


For the Modern Look of Granite

Umbriano pavers offer the sleek, modern aesthetic of honed granite. This has been achieved using ColorFusion Technology, which randomly infuses color and actual granite particles into the paver’s surface. Umbriano offers both large and small format size options, and a wide range of colors, making it suitable for use in almost any landscape design theme. Umbriano is also protected from stains with EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology, making it a favorite for outdoor kitchens, driveways, pool decks, and other areas that are frequently exposed to grease, liquids, pool chemicals, and de-icing salts.


For Ecologically Sensitive Areas

Eco-Priora features special spacer bars, resulting in a 7mm jointing gap that can be filled with a clear stone chip to allow the rapid penetration of rainwater into the subsoil. This makes Eco-Priora a top choice for ecologically sensitive areas, such as nature reserves and golf courses, as well as residential applications where the surface area of non-permeable hardscapes is heavily regulated. Eco-Priora offers a number of custom finish options to achieve an aesthetic that is suitable for the landscape design theme at hand.


The title image features a Tribeca Cobble driveway with Copthorne accent.


Unilock Pavers That Landscape Contractors Love


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