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Enhance Your Walkways with These Features

Enhance Your Walkways with These Features

Unilock products offer the opportunity to not only create stunning walkways, but also versatile features to complement and enhance them. From steps that blend seamlessly with the walkway and guide guests safely up to the front door, to pillars, plant beds, and more, here are some things that will make your walkways an integral part of your landscape:


Rich, Long-lasting Color

Unilock pavers are perfect for creating brightly-colored walkways that cut through the deep green of your landscape. Best of all, the rich, brilliant color of these pavers is made to last. EnduraColor Facemix Technology is employed in the manufacturing of Unilock pavers to ensure colors that are highly resistant to fading. EnduraColor Facemix combines a layer of fine, hardwearing minerals with a base of larger, stronger aggregates for strength. This ensures that lighter aggregates won’t shine through from wear, and that the colors won’t fade from sun exposure or exposure to the elements.


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Bold Accents and Borders

In addition to long-lasting color, the brilliance of certain pavers, as well as their versatile size options, make them ideal as accent pavers for borders, banding, and inlays. Series pavers, for example, offer the authentic appearance of washed granite. The surface of Series pavers is even complete with the sparkle of quartz, which is infused into the surface of these pavers. Series pavers are available in the bold colors of Peppered Granite and Black Granite.

Copthorne and Town Hall pavers, too, provide warm and welcoming accents. Both pavers offer the look of timeworn street brick, with Town Hall providing more substantial proportions. Town Hall and Copthorne are the perfect complement to a cool-colored paver, such as Richcliff in Smoke Shale, but are just as impressive when matched with themselves in a different color. For example, a Town Hall walkway in a Burgundy Red/Old Oak/Burnt Clay blend, can be matched perfectly with a border in the Basalt color option.


Interesting Forms

With the versatile size options offered by Courtstone pavers, they can be used to create walkways with a range of interesting forms and design variations—from circular pathways, to winding walkways, and laying patterns that follow a fan-like motif.

Courtstone can also be used to create inlays that add a sense of shape to driveways or walkways, or create the visual impression of walkways across patios and other hardscape areas.


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Water Features

A walkway winding through a landscape is not complete without features along the way to capture the attention of guests. Water features are perfect for this, and find themselves at home in plant beds and rest areas alongside walkways. Whether it’s a pond or pondless waterfall feature, a water feature will add to the ambience of your yard and create a restful focal point.

The Brussels Dimensional System, with its relaxed, tumbled appearance, is one material that is perfectly suited to creating an upright water feature. The soft colors and antiqued appearance of this wall unit contribute to the ambience created by the soothing sound of running water and are the perfect complement to a walkway with a rustic feel.


Safe and Attractive Steps

If your walkway is going to be traversing anything more than a gentle slope, a set of safe and attractive steps will be necessary. Steps leading up from the front walkway to the front door of the home, for example, will require the right material to ensure curb appeal and safety. For this, Unilock offers a number of options, including Ledgestone coping and step units. This product is available in the subtle shades of Buff and Grey, allowing it to be matched to any color scheme. Ledgestone presents a beautiful, pitched edge and fine surface that remains non-slip even when wet.


Raised Plant Beds

Raised plant beds can help elevate your beautiful plantings closer to eye level and make for a visually interesting accompaniment to walkways. In addition, they provide the opportunity for the installation of discreet lighting beneath the coping of the beds, which will help to keep your walkway safe and well-lit at night.

Rivercrest Wall is an excellent wall unit for the construction of raised plant beds, and offers a detailed stacked flagstone appearance. The rugged aesthetic of this wall unit is the perfect accompaniment to both rustic and modern walkway designs. Rivercrest Wall is available in the colors Buff and Coastal Slate.


Pillar-Mounted Light Features

If raised plant beds lining your walkway are not an option, you may wish to include landscape pillars on which theme-appropriate light fixtures can be mounted. Rivercrest Wall is not only excellent for raised plant beds, but also presents the Rivercrest Wall Pillar Unit and Rapid Pillar System for the efficient construction of pillars. Rivercrest Wall is made using Reala Surface Technology, ensuring an ultra-realistic appearance. Despite its authentic, natural appearance, Rivercrest Wall pillars are incredible strong, with each unit fitting precisely with the next.


The title image features a Town Hall walkway and driveway.


Enhance Your Walkways with These Features


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