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Driveway Pavers with Unique Benefits

Driveway Pavers with Unique Benefits

Unilock driveway pavers are not only universally durable and manufactured to offer hardscapes the best possible aesthetic, they’re also individually equipped with a range of unique benefits. These benefits are the result of manufacturing technologies that have been specially developed by Unilock to produce pavers that offer superior reliability, ease of maintenance, and ultra-realistic surface coloring and texture. Here are just a few pavers from Unilock that offer unique benefits for your driveway.


Supreme Strength and Ultra-Realistic Flagstone Texture

Richcliff pavers have the characteristic appearance of flagstone, with a rich surface texture and beautifully blended colors. This has been achieved with Reala Surface Technology, which uses casts of hundreds of pieces of natural stone to achieve a diverse and authentic appearance. Richcliff backs up its stunning aesthetic with strength to match. Richcliff incorporates Unilock proprietary Ultima Concrete Technology to create a paver with up to four times the strength of poured concrete. These pavers are not only structurally durable, they are also equipped with long-lasting colors thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology.


Permeability and a Stunning Appearance

Along with Richcliff, Town Hall is part of the Elegance range — a range of pavers that utilize Reala Surface Technology, EnduraColor Facemix, and Ultima Concrete Technology, and offers unique styles and design opportunities. Like Richcliff, Town Hall is up to four times as strong as poured concrete, and presents a surface that is diverse and authentic. Town Hall, however, showcases an aged street brick appearance and a range of traditional brick color options, including Old Oak, Burnt Clay, Burgundy Red, Heritage Red, Heritage Clay, and Basalt. In addition, Town Hall pavers are compatible with permeable installation methods, allowing them to be used to create permeable driveway surfaces to reduce stormwater runoff and ice build-up in winter, and help return rainwater to natural underground sources.


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Natural Granite Appearance and Stain Resistance

Umbriano pavers use a manufacturing process known as ColorFusion Technology to create a mottled, realistic granite appearance. The process incorporates actual granite particles, and in addition to creating a random dispersion of color and beautiful blend, it also ensures that each Umbriano paver is non-slip, even when wet, while still offering a sleek and modern appearance. In addition to being perfect for patios, pool decks, walkways, and front entryways, Umbriano is ideal for constructing modern driveways with a random, natural appearance and refined texture. Umbriano is also protected from marks and stains because of its integrated stain protection, EasyClean Stain Resistance, which allows messes to be quickly and easily wiped up, without allowing residue to seep into the paver.


A Sleek Modern Look and Customizable Finish

Artline pavers are perfect for modern hardscape design themes with their high graphic interest, elongated, plank-like pieces and contemporary aesthetic. They also offer a number of different finish options. Artline is available in both a Smooth and Umbriano Finish, in a multitude of different color options. The Umbriano Finish comes with all of the many benefits of Umbriano pavers previously mentioned.


Long-Lasting Colors and High-Detail Surface

Tribeca Cobble offers the appearance of imported granite cobblestone. Marble, granite, and quartz particles have been infused into the surface of this paver, giving it its authentic granite sparkle. The color and character of these pavers will also last a lifetime, thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology. Tribeca Cobble pavers are capped, providing exceptional grip for steep driveways, even during icy winters. These pavers are also compatible with permeable installation methods, further improving their performance in areas with icy winters and frequent rain. Tribeca Cobble is an excellent driveway paver that will bring old-world character to your front yard.


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Warm Colors and Extreme Strength

Copthorne pavers are similar in style to Town Hall pavers, and like Town Hall, Copthorne is part of the Elegance range. They offer smaller proportions compared to Town Hall, but all of the benefits of Reala Surface Technology, EnduraColor Facemix Technology, and Ultima Concrete Technology. Copthorne pavers are available in a range of warm colors, including Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay, which can be combined to form a 3 Color Blend. In addition, Copthorne is available in the bold Steel Blue and Basalt color options.


Relentless Durability and the Look of Authentic Cobblestone

Courtstone, too, is part of the Elegance range, offering the realistic appearance of European cobblestone. The style of cobblestone presented by Courtstone pavers is prevalent in small European towns and villages, and is a classic aesthetic that will give your front yard a world of character. These pavers offer extreme durability and strength, as well as flexibility in terms of laying patterns and accent applications. While the surface of each Courtstone paver appears timeworn and unique, the base of each paver has been precisely cast to ensure a perfect fit and tight interlock.


The title image features an Umbriano driveway.


Driveway Pavers with Unique Benefits

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