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Complementing Your Outdoor Fireplace with Wood Storage, Seating, and Other Accessories

Complementing Your Outdoor Fireplace with Wood Storage, Seating, and Other Accessories

Unilock pre-built fireplaces come in a range of different styles to suit your landscape design and personal preferences. Did you know that you can further enhance these gorgeous features with details that contribute function and style? Here are some ideas on how to accessorize your outdoor fireplace:


Wood Storage with Unilock Wall Units

Unless your fireplace is gas-fueled, you’ll need somewhere to store extra firewood. You can make sure your firewood storage is readily accessible and in line with the aesthetics of your patio by having it built using the same Unilock wall units as your fireplace. Flank your fireplace with two integrated wood storage modules, or keep your wood storage distinct as a separate island unit that can also provide extra counter space. A range of different coping options can be used to add character to this feature and provide a top that will keep your firewood dry and protected. Consider, for example, utilizing Ledgestone(https://unilock.com/products/coping/ledgestone-2/) coping for the tops of your firewood storage modules. Ledgestone features an ultra-realistic natural edge, as well as a fullnose option, depending on your aesthetic preferences. The refined surface texture of Ledgestone means that the coping can be used to provide additional counter space for serving drinks or snacks. Ledgestone is available in the colors Buff or Grey and can be extended throughout the landscape in the form of steps, wall coping, pool coping, and permanent seating.


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Permanent Seating Options

Adding permanent seating to your outdoor fireplace area is one way of always having enough seating space to accommodate your guests. Be sure to choose a coping option that provides guests with a comfortable seating surface. Unilock Coping options such as Ledgestone Fullnose Coping and Brussels Fullnose Coping are ideal for this purpose. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone also features a Fullnose Coping option, which is available in both Sandstone and Limestone.

Permanent seating for an outdoor fireplace area need not exclude the option of additional furniture either. By running along the perimeter of the patio, the seating wall can allow plenty of room for extra furniture, while keeping the outdoor fireplace area intimate and cozy. Alternatively, a single permanent seating wall can be added opposite the outdoor fireplace as an outdoor room divider, keeping the space separate from adjacent rooms, such as the outdoor kitchen or dining area. This design maximizes the amount of warmth the guests using the seating will receive, and depending on the distance from the outdoor fireplace, it can still be used in conjunction with other seating options.


Patio Furniture

You can offer your guests a supreme level of comfort by complementing your outdoor fireplace with comfortable furniture, such as outdoor sofas and loungers. Accentuate your outdoor fireplace by choosing furniture of a matching style. For example, pair the Tuscany and Barcelona outdoor fireplace designs with white or beige fabrics and black wrought iron for a Mediterranean effect, or pair them with wicker furniture to emphasize comfort and a homely appeal. The Brussels Dimensional System wall units, from which these outdoor fireplaces are made, also pair well with rustic wooden furniture and bulky wooden benches. You can bring out the Copthorne accents of the Tuscany model with furniture containing deep reds and browns. Sleek modern furniture will pair well with both the Bella and Moda designs, or you can complement the rich textures of the Rivercrest Wall used in the Bella design with furniture featuring coarse fabrics, such as burlap, or textured materials, such as salt-scrubbed wood.


Outdoor Lighting

One of the best and, perhaps, subtlest ways to complement an outdoor fireplace is by incorporating outdoor lighting into your hardscape design. By supplementing the glow of the fire with strategic lighting, you can ensure an ambience that is well-suited to both relaxation and socializing. Lighting can be introduced to your outdoor fireplace area in a number of ways, as either decorative, freestanding lighting features, or by integrating the lighting system into the structure of the outdoor fireplace itself. Discreet outdoor lighting can be installed beneath the coping of permanent seating or be embedded into vertical features or patio flooring to add ambience and visibility to the area. For a masterfully compiled backyard lighting plan, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor for your upcoming hardscape project.


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Pillars That Complement Your Fire Feature

Pillars, either freestanding or part of your seating walls or low walls, can be a great way to finish off your design and complement your fireplace. By utilizing the same wall units throughout your hardscape, you can be assured of a cohesive design and well-finished project. Unilock wall units such as Rivercrest Wall feature a Rapid Pillar System, allowing a contractor to quickly and efficiently construct pillars.


Water Features

Why not add an interesting counterpoint to the element of fire with water features? The juxtaposition of fire and water can supercharge the ambience of your patio and greatly enhance the visual interest of your outdoor fireplace area. This dynamic combination can be achieved by flanking your fireplace with two small water features or by placing your outdoor fireplace near your pool and integrated waterfall feature. Alternatively, you can enjoy this blending of sights and sounds by adding a pondless waterfall feature to your patio design. This way you can enjoy both the warmth of the fire and the soothing sounds of water all in one place.


The title image features a Copthorne patio with outdoor fireplace and verticals built using the Brussels Dimensional System.


Complementing Your Outdoor Fireplace with Wood Storage, Seating, and Other Accessories


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