Get the Look of Bluestone for Your Driveway with These Stunning Pavers

Bluestone is used widely, particularly on the East Coast, to achieve an elegant, sophisticated appearance. However, bluestone has the tendency to flake and, depending on the thickness and quality of the stone, may not be suitable for driveways. Instead, choose from among these specially designed pavers for a long-lasting and beautiful driveway with a natural […]

Subtle Tweaks to Your Landscape Design That Can Make a Big Impact

The art of landscape design is often more subtle than it is obvious. Sometimes small, almost unnoticeable details can elevate a design from good to extraordinary. Here are some subtle tweaks you can make to your landscape design with the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor that can make a huge overall difference: Soften Your Hardscape […]

Exceptional Patio Pavers for Summertime Fun

Summer is almost here, and it’s not too late to get your patio remodel done in time for the outdoor season. Unilock offers a range of patio pavers that are perfect for summertime fun, offering unique benefits from stain resistance for low-maintenance outdoor kitchens and pool decks to a summery aesthetic reminiscent of sun-kissed beaches […]

Stylish Modern Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Your Backyard Update

If you’re planning a patio remodel, or just looking for a stunning new feature to add to your modern hardscape, you’ll love these outdoor fireplace designs. Unilock offers both pre-built fireplaces and wall units that can be used to build unique, custom outdoor fireplaces. Here are some contemporary design options not to miss out on:   […]

Driveway Pavers with Unique Benefits

Unilock driveway pavers are not only universally durable and manufactured to offer hardscapes the best possible aesthetic, they’re also individually equipped with a range of unique benefits. These benefits are the result of manufacturing technologies that have been specially developed by Unilock to produce pavers that offer superior reliability, ease of maintenance, and ultra-realistic surface coloring […]

The Perfect Finishing Touches to Complete Your Hardscape

Often, the last details on a landscaping project make all the difference. Unilock not only provides stunning pavers and other products to form the basis of any kind of hardscape, but also the wall units, coping, and other components to create gorgeous elements to finish a project off. Here are some finishing touches you don’t […]

Stunning Ideas for Inlays to Enhance your Hardscape's Paver Laying Pattern

Paver inlays are a great way to add character and detail to a landscape design. Whether it’s adding a focal point to a driveway, carving out a visual walkway, or sectioning off an outdoor room, a paver pattern can allow you to achieve this goal. The contrast that a paver inlay offers is also an […]

6 Unbelievable Propane Fire Pit Designs

A propane-fueled fire pit combines warmth and ambience with the convenience of being able to enjoy your fire pit instantly. Many people also prefer propane-fueled fire pits because of the clean, smokeless quality of the flame. Choosing this option means that your fire pit will require less maintenance, as it will not have to be […]

Make Your Retaining Wall System a Part of Your Patio

Retaining wall systems offer many different functions and provide solutions to a range of landscaping challenges. These features are not only ideal for adding structure, drainage, and aesthetic appeal to softscapes, they can also form an integral part of your patio and outdoor entertainment areas. Here are some of the many reasons to incorporate a […]

Retaining Wall Designs That Look Just Like Natural Stone

Unilock offers a huge range of wall units that can be used to construct vertical features, such as grill islands, low walls, water features and fire features. In addition, these exceptional units can be used in the construction of a stunning stone retaining wall. Unilock wall units present a range of different styles, including the […]

Best Gas Fire Pit Options

  A fire pit is the ideal feature for adding charm, ambience and warmth to an outdoor entertainment or lounge area. While some people enjoy the aroma and atmosphere of a wood fire, others prefer the clean burn and convenience of a gas-burning fire feature. Here are some of the best gas fire pit options, […]

6 Ideas for Patio Designs with Unique Flair

If you’re thinking of updating your hardscape and looking for patio designs that would create a one-of-a-kind experience, these design tips may be just what you need. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help to create a design perfectly suited to your family’s lifestyle and will be able to incorporate these next-level design principles to ensure a […]