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Using Unilock Pavers to Achieve Flattering Flooring For Your Wading River, NY Outdoor Kitchen

Using Unilock Pavers to Achieve Flattering Flooring For Your Wading River, NY Outdoor Kitchen

Great flooring is an important element of your outdoor kitchen, and choosing high-quality materials is a must for a low maintenance surface that will last a lifetime. Unilock products are durable, stylish, and perfect for any outdoor surface. Here’s how to get a flattering floor for your outdoor kitchen in Wading River, NY:


Modern Style

If you want your outdoor kitchen to be modern and minimalist, Unilock has excellent pavers to complement your style. Senzo is a durable, large format paver that’s stain resistant and non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about wine spills or slippery floors. Senzo is available in warm and neutral color options like Nuvola, a mix of light grays and deep charcoals, and Castano, a gradient of rich browns. This paver is made with fine quartz and granite aggregates that provide a gentle dispersion of color for a smooth and beautiful finish.

If you want something a little more detailed, Artline is a gorgeous plank paver available in a mix of sizes, tones, and custom finish options. The result is an interesting and modern floor that will complement your appliances and décor.

Perhaps you’re looking for a modern take on something more time-honored like brick. Mattoni is a slim format brick-like paver with a crisp finish that works well in a herringbone pattern, soldier course, or any number of laying patterns. Mattoni can also be used as an accent paver.


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A Classic Touch

Brick has long been used to add beauty and warmth to outdoor space. Copthorne has a classic brick appearance and is available in traditional brick colors like Burnt Clay and Old Oak, as well as contemporary gray tones like Steel Blue and the deep, slate-colored, Basalt. Perfect for kitchen flooring as well as the rest of your patio and walkways, this paver will instantly make your space feel cozy and comfortable.

Holland Premier has the visual appeal of brick with precise measurements for a clean finish. With an interesting mix of color options, you can choose one main paver, like the neutral Granite, or choose multiple colors that complement each other like Red and Charcoal. Holland Premier matches with almost any style of outdoor kitchen, so you can create a unique space that’s both reliable and ready for a magazine cover.


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Rustic Charm

If you’d love a natural feel for your backyard, you may want flooring that reflects your love of nature and its materials. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is a perfect choice, sourced directly from ethically established quarries and cut with precision for your project. The surface of Unilock Sandstone and Limestone has been treated to be resistant to the water absorption and the freeze/thaw cycle, so your outdoor kitchen can look pristine all year round.

Brussels Block is another rustic option that delivers the warmth and appearance of tumbled stone in a neutral palette. Create intricate laying patterns using different sizes and colors, and you can even match to your walls and verticals with the Brussels Dimensional System for one cohesive design.

Unilock has a paver for every style of outdoor kitchen. You can create the look you want using Unilock products throughout your design, including walls, pillars, and seating. Check out our Design Idea Catalog for more ideas and inspiration.


The title image features an outdoor kitchen and patio with Copthorne flooring, Brussels Block accents and Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


Using Unilock Pavers to Achieve Flattering Flooring For Your Wading River, NY Outdoor Kitchen


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