Unilock U-Cara Blocks for Contemporary Outdoor Kitchens in Saratoga, NY | Unilock

Unilock U-Cara Blocks for Contemporary Outdoor Kitchens in Saratoga, NY

Unilock U-Cara Blocks for Contemporary Outdoor Kitchens in Saratoga, NY

For an outdoor kitchen filled with artistry and character—a kitchen that will stand out from what the neighbors are doing with their outdoor spaces—look to Unilock U-Cara blocks for contemporary outdoor kitchens in Saratoga, NY.

What makes the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock so extraordinary? Although this wall system is beautiful, durable, and could add value to your home, its appeal can be distilled into one word: choices.


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Variety of Options

With many wall systems, you have somewhat limited choices in textures: You either get a rough-hewn stone look, a tumbled look, or a smooth look. Highly textured wall systems may not fit in with a contemporary design scheme, and while the smooth finish looks great in modern design, it can be too limiting if you want to mix textures for a completely unique custom aesthetic.

While you can achieve interesting effects by combining different products, you can simplify the job by choosing U-Cara. You’ll benefit from easy installation and a dimensionally accurate structure thanks to the Sure Track backer blocks, and unlimited design options with U-Cara fascia panels.


Picturing a New Outdoor Kitchen

Let’s say you want a more defined texture on the pillars that support a pergola over your outdoor kitchen, to add visual texture. You choose the Steel Mountain Pitched Face blocks. And say you want the walls of your kitchen to mimic the sleek lines of your stainless steel appliances and add simple textures so your kitchen feels more modern. Opal Smooth Face could be a fitting choice for your outdoor kitchen walls.

You could finish the look with smooth and sophisticated Black Granite accents. With U-Cara, you can achieve this look (and countless others) in just one product line.

U-Cara offers multiple finishes, 10 different colors, and a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any vertical application.


Full Functionality

Aside from virtually unlimited design options, there’s a lot more to U-Cara than beauty and interest. This material is versatile, and helps to create practical and wonderfully livable spaces.

Many outdoor kitchens don’t end up with quite enough seating. A patio space may be too small to comfortably host more than a half-dozen people at a time, and short of cluttering up the space with patio furniture, how can you host bigger parties and still let people have a seat? The answer is seating walls in complementary designs (in the example above, you could create a seating wall using three rows of Pitched Face blocks, one row of Opal Smooth Face blocks, and top off the wall with a generously proportioned coping—providing enough room for seating and resting plates nearby).


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Additional Features to Consider

Another feature you can add to a contemporary outdoor kitchen is a fire table. A fire table will do double duty as a focal point and a wonderful place to gather over drinks and dinner.

If you want an even more unique outdoor kitchen, add a raised herb garden built with U-Cara blocks. There’s nothing quite like fresh herbs to make any meal special. You can treat this feature like kitchen cabinets with storage underneath, and a comfortable-height garden where you can grow oregano, thyme, sage, cilantro, parsley, and other herbs that make cooking a joy.

U-Cara blocks can also be used for stand-alone beverage centers, planters, bar peninsulas, fire pits, and even water features. With so many ideas, you can create a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen and living space.

To see U-Cara blocks in action, browse the Unilock idea catalog or contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor today.


The title image uses U-Cara Multi-Face blocks.


Unilock U-Cara Blocks for Contemporary Outdoor Kitchens in Saratoga, NY


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