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Top Outdoor Living Trends for 2019

Top Outdoor Living Trends for 2019 in Mount Laurel, NJ


As the years go by, outdoor living becomes more of a priority to homeowners, and trends in outdoor design evolve at exponential rates. In 2019, expect to see as much forethought and attention to detail go into outdoor living spaces as you would see in indoor rooms. Here are a few other design trends that experts predict will take outdoor living by storm in the year ahead. Consider incorporating some of these trends into your Mount Laurel, NJ, landscape in the new year.


Retro Features for a Vintage Vibe

An appreciation for key vintage pieces has always been present in interior design, has grown steadily in the fashion industry, and is now infiltrating the realm of outdoor design. There are various ways to imbue an outdoor living space with vintage flair. Many homeowners opt for one or two vintage pieces to give their furniture arrangement a dose of character. A sheltered outdoor room can house any number of delicate artifacts, from small sports memorabilia to a wall-mounted bicycle or worn surfboard. Nestling these gems into your outdoor living space can give it a luxurious indoor look and feel, as one would expect to find these novelties tucked safely inside the study or living room as opposed to the outdoor kitchen or fireside.


Knocking Down Barriers

Homeowners could be less likely to stick to an organized outdoor living plan in the new year. Experts predict that many homeowners may instead opt for a more complex, overlapping outdoor design. Multi-level outdoor living spaces make these intricate outdoor living layouts possible, by dividing landscapes in a more subtle way than retaining walls and hedges can achieve on their own.

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One way in which landscapes can become more integrated is by fusing their natural and hardscape features. The lines between the softscape and patio, for instance, can be blurred in various ways. Homeowners could utilize irregular slabs of natural stone that mingle with the adjacent softscape without being hindered by a paving border. Allowing ground cover to creep in between the stones can further merge these two parts of a property. A meandering hardscape feature that weaves around natural features, like trees and bodies of water, stands a greater chance of merging with the natural landscape than one with a precisely shaped geometric layout.

Another way in which homeowners are unifying their properties is by blurring the lines between their indoor and outdoor living spaces. A practical way to achieve this concept is by fitting the home with large glass doors, fully folding walls, or adjustable screens that can somehow be removed or opened to create a seamless transition between the home and the patio beyond the threshold. Incorporating luxurious materials and an attention to detail into outdoor rooms can further connect them with indoor living spaces.


Investing in Sublime Stonework

More homeowners are recognizing the value of high-quality stonework, and experts predict a boost in the demand for professional masonry in 2019. Stone columns and outdoor fireplaces can serve as stunning focal points and can imbue a landscape with a powerful and expensive appearance.

There are various styles of stonework used to achieve an array of aesthetics, from classic historical looks to linear modern designs. The irreplaceable texture of tumbled or chiseled stone is becoming more appreciated among modern homeowners, and many are finding ways to incorporate these exquisite rugged stones into their contemporary hardscape features.

The title image features an outdoor living space utilizing Brussels Block, Il Campo and Copthorne pavers.


Top Outdoor Living Trends for 2019 in Mont Laurel, NJ


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