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Hardscaping 101: How to Select the Right Concrete Paver for your NJ Driveway

Paver Driveway in NJ, NY, PA, CT | Landscaping Ideas for NJ homeowners

Your driveway is the welcome mat of your property and should leave a lasting positive first impression for guests or potential buyers. Investing in concrete pavers for your NJ driveway is a great way to ensure that it is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. With the wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, and landscaping ideas, however, the process of selecting the right paver can seem daunting. Here, we’ll discuss how to go about choosing the right concrete paver for your driveway, bringing out the best features for homes in Mount Laurel, Medford Lakes, and the surrounding New Jersey region.

Connect your Paver Driveway with the Architecture of Your Home

When paving, it’s important to remember that your paved area does not exist in isolation from the rest of your home. The idea is to use your hardscaping as a means to unite and highlight stylistic elements of your home’s architecture. Rich reds and warm hues are ideal for an old English style villa while a cool, dusty color set would work well with an Adobe-style house. Face-brick houses are difficult to match in terms of stone paver colors, so you might want to accent your home’s brick instead of match it.
Check this page out for more on selecting the right colors for your paver driveway.

How to choose color of concrete paver NJ, PA, CT, NY

As for paver patterns, a home with sweeping facades might work better with larger format pavers while a house that employs smaller divisions in its façade would work better with a smaller choice. Irregular, more natural shaped stone pavers would work well with a home with plain walls, but might appear too busy if matched with an already visually rich brick or stone façade. It’s about striking a balance between the home and the hardscape design.

Paver Patters, NJ, PA, NY, CT Hardscaping

Take Your Roof into Account When Selecting Concrete Pavers

This deserves a special mention as visually, your driveway and your roof form the top and bottom frame of your house. This does not mean that your roof and your driveway should look exactly the same, but you might want to pick a similar color or style, or contrast for effect. As an example, a darker colored roof can go well with a dark paving stone, but you can also use warmer colors for contrasting relief. A great resource for NJ homeowners to find landscaping ideas, new products, and design ideas is the Unilock catalog found here.

Highlight Elements of the Environment

Rather than trying to blend in with the urban or suburban environment of your NJ home, pick out certain characteristics that you’d like to compliment – perhaps a landmark nearby, an old church, the city skyscape, or even New Jersey’s seasonal autumnal hues. You can also look at features of the natural environment such as rock features or woods and match your color or paver patterns to that to make those prominent features shine. In darker surroundings or shady gardens, a lighter color paver will add the contrast needed to brighten things up, while an earthy hue to match the hills will bring that backdrop forward.
For more landscaping ideas for the Mount Laurel, NJ | Medford Lakes, NJ area, check out the Unilock blog page here.

Match Driveway Pavers with your Hardscaping in Other Areas

If your home already has a lot of hardscaping in other areas, it’s important to select a paver that works well with those spaces. If, for example, you have an outdoor living area like an outdoor kitchen or patio with a busy natural stone or flagstone pattern, it might be a good idea to pair that with a quieter tone and more monotonous pattern rather than try to find something similar that might clash. This will highlight your flagstone hardscaping by creating contrast. Ensuring you’re your separate outdoor living spaces are unique in their own right, but also work together to bring unity to the home’s overall landscape design is important for success.
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