How to choose a laying pattern


An interesting paver pattern can contribute to the overall appeal of your paver project and adds character to your home and landscape. Most Unilock products are adaptable to a number of laying patterns. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you develop a paver pattern you can be proud of!

Consider your project size and space

Choose a pattern that works relative to the size and space of your project. Generally, smaller pavers work well in smaller spaces while larger pavers work well in larger spaces. So if you’re working with a smaller space you may consider a pattern that utilizes smaller stones so the design isn’t overpowering. For a random feel, look for a pattern that utilizes three or more sizes of paver; for a more uniform appeal, choose a pattern that uses just one or two sizes. 

Consider borders and other features

A border adds unique flare to your design and can help define different areas in an outdoor living room or the edge of a pool deck. Consider the borders you have planned for your project when choosing a laying pattern as some patterns work more easily with borders than others.  Around a fire pit or water feature you might consider a curved or circular pattern.

Tools to help:

Mix and match online

Simply drag and drop various borders, accents and color swatches next to each other and start to envision the possibilities. 

Laying patterns

A variety of optional laying patterns are featured on each product page of our website and in our catalog to help visualize your design.